Duplicate Alarms and Analog Clock

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Duplicate Alarms and Analog Clock

Postby RichardHK » Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:04 pm

I have been getting 2x alarms for some time now and assumed it was a bug that will get fixed. But been a while now.

Today I found by accident that my Analog clock on desktop was also duplicated. I moved the clock to take a screenshot elsewhere on screen and was surprised to see another clock left behind!

I went into Task Manager and found 2 instances of world_clock.exe running, so I killed the first and duplicate alarms and clock have gone.

But now, although the taskbar clocks are working fine, the right-click menu pops up but nothing happens when clicking anything.

Running Windows 10 Pro version 1511. Have checked my startup manager for duplicate Anuko entries but only one.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Duplicate Alarms and Analog Clock

Postby Nik » Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:35 am

I would try rebooting.

World Clock consists of several components. One of them is hook.dll that runs inside Windows shell process (explorer.exe) and draws clocks in taskbar. Another one is world_clock.exe. There are also other components (time sync service, preferences, world map).

If you kill world_clock.exe (not exit gracefully but kill it with Task Manager or something) then hook.dll (the thing that runs in taskbar) cannot communicate with it any longer. This could be the problem.
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Re: Duplicate Alarms and Analog Clock

Postby RichardHK » Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:15 am

I have rebooted many many times, over several weeks, and no difference. As noted, this has been ongoing for some time now.

I updated to latest version this morning and problem still there. However, I used Task Manager again to kill one of the duplicate processes - this time I chose the last process, and the duplicate clock went away again. I can also access the right-click menu Ok so it looks to be running right now after this kill.

So my original problem still exists and I have a ungraceful way to overcome it for now.

Look forward to a fix. An invaluable piece of software.
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Re: Duplicate Alarms and Analog Clock

Postby wrc » Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:50 am

Perhaps, a problem with "startup manager", whatever this is.

How exactly do you start World Clock? Do you start multiple copies by accident by, for example, using internal World Clock auto-start feature (on General page in Preferences), and also launching a second copy with startup manager?
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Re: Duplicate Alarms and Analog Clock

Postby RichardHK » Fri Sep 16, 2016 3:39 am

Good thinking but Startup Manager is a simple utility to tell me what Windows loads on startup. It only runs when I want to check.

Yes, I have the General page setting for "Auto-start on Windows logon" enabled as it has been since I bought World Clock several years ago.

I guess it is something with Windows 10 and may pass in time. Annoying but not a major hassle.
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Re: Duplicate Alarms and Analog Clock

Postby admin » Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:04 pm

Two world_ clock.exe running at the same time - this is abnormal situation and is not supposed to be happening. world_clock.exe has code in it to exit if it detects another instance running (or something like this). One thing that may not be taken care of if something starts both processes at approximately the same time, then each of them may have a bit of a problem determining if another instance is already initialized.

I suggest trying a few things.

1) After killing secondary world_clock.exe, exit the first instance normally via right click on clock - Exit, this should terminate the program in normal way. At this time you should not see world_clock.exe in the list of running processes. Then start World Clock from the Start button in Windows - normal result is one world_clock.exe running. If you see two, something is very wrong.

2) Check the list of installed programs in Control Panel to see if you maybe have multiple versions of Anuko World Clock, or ZoneTick (former name) installed in different directories perhaps. Make sure you have only one World Clock program installed.

3) Try uninstalling and rebooting. At this point there should be no world_clock.exe running. If you see it running, see item #2. If everything is good after uninstall, install it again and reboot, normal result is one instance of world_clock.exe running.

4) Perhaps check your system for malware with antivirus, something may be playing up here. Check exe for certificates, all World Clock components (exe and dlls) are signed with Anuko Certificate.
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Re: Duplicate Alarms and Analog Clock

Postby RichardHK » Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:47 am

Thanks Admin,

Happy to report that I completed all steps as suggested with positive results:
Step 1 left only one world_clock.exe running.
Step 2 only one installation.
Step 3 normalized system and have now only one instance running. Everything fine for at least 3 restarts so likely fixed OK. If I do have trouble again in future will do the clean reinstall.

Thanks again.

PS. Step 4. Thankfully no malware. I do have a good AV program looking after PC.
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