Feature Request aktiv / inactiv users in reports

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Feature Request aktiv / inactiv users in reports

Post by OrangeAL » Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:03 pm

i have a feature request.
We have many people who use the Time Tracker for a short time. (ca. 5-12 months)
So we have also many inactive users.
When i now want to generate a report, i have the choise for all or none users.
It would be nice when i have the choice for active od inactive users too.
So when i generate a report, only the active where shown.
Or another situation is, i have 130 inactive users and 20 active users. Now i want to generate a report from 2 active users. I must now search through all users to find the correct users. With the option to filter the inactve, its easier to find them.
The amount of inactive users grow every month on 1-4 Users. So in the future i have a great amount of inactive users and only ca. 20 active.
One idea is to genrate an array of inactive user ids and a javascript is testing the checking/unchecking the checkboxes.

Nice greetings,

André Lehrmann

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