Multiple clients for the same project

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Multiple clients for the same project

Post by ao113376 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:05 pm

I have multiple clients for the same project. On the reports page (report.php) I want all of these clients to be able to view ALL hours for the project regardless of which client the task has been done for.
Ideally I wouldn't like the user to select a client when they clock hours for a task. Because when I create a report for client 1, the report is empty unless the user selected client 1 when clocking their hours. But then client 2 won't be able to view those hours.
I want all 3 clients to see what user A sees, just like how a manager would be able to see user A's hours (regardless of client). (And not just one user of course, but for all in project that client has access to).

I was wondering if I remove lines 47 and 48 from timetracker/WEB-INF/lib/ttReportHelper.class.php would do it?

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elseif ($user->isClient() && $user->client_id)
    $dropdown_parts .= ' and l.client_id = '.$user->client_id;

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