Adding new columns to Project Report

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Adding new columns to Project Report

Post by chrisohle » Thu May 18, 2017 11:23 pm

I started using TimeTracker this week and really like it. It is going to be a great utility for our organization.

I added 2 new VARCHAR columns to the tt_projects database (projects.JobNo and projects.PayCode). These fields are specific to a project and there shouldn't be a need for a user to have to select one. For example, if they choose the Project named Electrical-Event Center, it will automatically be associated with the JobNo EVENTCR and PayCode H1RG. Trying to make it as easy for the user without having to choose a PayCode and JobCode.

I would like to have the default Project report to be able to print these two new columns for each project worked.

I'm not opposed to editing code, I'm just not sure where to begin? My thoughts so far are needing to edit Report.PHP, Reports.PHP, ttReportHelper.class.PHP, report.TPL, reports.TPL, and ttProjectHelper.class.PHP.

Thanks for the any input in advance!

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