session data losses - logout after a period of inactivity

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session data losses - logout after a period of inactivity

Post by stgaito » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:17 am

While installing Anuko TimeTracker on my hosting server's shared host,
I found that TimeTracker kept logging me out after periods shorter than one hour
( the standard limit as found in the TimeTracker code/configuration should be about one day ).

After some work I realized that the problem was that the PHP session data was not being saved.

My hosting server uses suPHP and ensures that my "virtual" /tmp directory had the permissions 0700.

( The default PHP session.save_path value on my server was /tmp --
this is standard for most PHP installations).

This was enough for PHP to create the session files but not to read or write data into them.

Hence every time I tried to use TImeTracker, I had to re-login.

My solution was to set the PHP_SESSION_PATH in the WEB-INF/config.php file:

> define(
> realpath(__DIR__ . '/../../../a-path-OUTSIDE-the-directory-root')
> );

where "a-path-OUTSIDE-the-directory-root" is an existing directory located in your hosted space
but which is outside the root of your html/web-space.

In my case, since my hosting server uses suPHP, I had to ensure this sessions directory had
the permissions 0755. ( suPHP will issue a "500 Internal Server Error" if the permissions are
any higher ).

I hope that this helps any one having unexplained logouts after short periods of inactivity.

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