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Work plugin design

Post by Nik » Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:37 pm

I am thinking about creating a Work plugin, to add a capability to outsource or bid on work to / from other groups either on the same server or worldwide. This post is to gather your feedback about Work Plugin design.

As work plugin deviates from basic Time Tracking requirements significantly, I am planning to develop a Work Appliance, to separate things and to keep scope in each piece smaller. Similarly to how we have File Storage Appliance, which handles attachments.

Items to do.
- Work plugin on the Plugins page. DONE.
- Work plugin documentation page explaining what it is and how to use it. DONE.

- Work plugin configuration page. What do we configure exactly? Categories of work to subscribe to. Who in group receives notifications. Who can bid. Language preferences. For example, whether or not to receive work and / or bids in other languages.
- Enabling the Work Plugin adds a Work sub-menu, to keep everything related to this plugin in one place (which is going to be challenging, but there it not much room on the menu for other pages).
- I envision work.php page kind of similar to other pages, with Active Work on top (this group work items that we outsource to others), Inactive Work below, and Available Work - these work items are from other groups (either local or from other servers, and according to group config).
- Available work item can be bidded upon by a user with appropriate rights. This creates a bid, sends a notification to work item owner,
and updates work item status.
- There will be a column called "Bids" in the list of items in the above mentioned three tables, which we can click to display all bids and work on each bid individually.
- An individual bid page shall allow to send communications between the parties, for example, to clarify work, etc. This mechanism must include attachments, utilizing an already available Attachment plugin.


- manage_work - can create and edit work items and accept bids. Assigned to co-manager and higher roles.
- bid_on_work - can bid on work items from other groups. Assigned to co-manager and higher roles.
- update_work - can update work items in progress. Assigned to supervisor and higher roles.

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