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Time Tracker - improvement proposals

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:39 pm
by AlAraf
TimeTracker is a very good tool, but I have some proposals to make it much better.

Please consider below proposals:

1) Please remove version number form start page. It is not wise to advertise to world wide TT version installed on the server for security reason. Version number can be displayed after successful login.

2) Please add to config.php varible (eg. CSV_SEPARATOR) to set default column separator in CSV file. At the moment comma is used, but in many countries MS Excel prefer semicolon over comma. This should be configurable in config.php.

3) It is nice to have Expenses feature, but I would prefer to have also Sales feature . When I sell something (eg. hardware or software) to my client I would like to have an option to record such an event in TT with information like: date of sale/delivery, client name, project name, description, fee, paid status, milage to the client with corresponding transport fee if applicable and a separate sales report). Default milage and rate for a mile/km should be an attribute of every client with an option to modify for every sales event.

If someone have other proposal please share it here.