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Suggestion Post Windows 10 - AU

Postby lexluthor » Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:34 pm

Hi All,

M$FT do not appear to be interested in reversing their position on the AU "feature?" set update and World Clock on a task bar simply is no longer. Much to my and everyone else frustration by the looks of things.

I have some 20 clocks on my desktop and need to regularly re-order these .... I really would like an easy way to line up all my clocks. This has become a very painful process as I have multiple large high res screens that sit 3-4 feet away.

We really need a smart way to remove this manual pain and line the clocks to some grid of rows/columns - akin to desktop icons - left aligned, right aligned, center aligned (maybe fixed spacing between).

Is that just me being wishful or would this also help others?

Anyone has any suggestions on how Anuko could implement such a feature and keep it easy to use?

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Re: Suggestion Post Windows 10 - AU

Postby Moirty » Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:18 pm

I agree with this suggestion. I'd prefer to have MS make their taskbar code compatible but that appears unlikely anytime soon. Thus, for those of us who really like World Clock's features, it would be nice to improve the look and functionality on the desktop. As it is now, it is kind of clunky and less useful to use.

In addition to Luth's suggestion to provide a means for aligning the desktop clocks, I offer the following additional suggestions:
    Multiple containers, each container could then be placed on different parts of the screen (or different desktops)
    The ability to have a container stay on top of all windows
    Filling in the gaps to the left/right of each clock so that the container has a uniform appearance
    The ability to format the edge and background of the container (I prefer no edge but others may prefer a frame)
    An auto-sort function that aligns and sequences the clocks within a container from East to West (or the reverse) or alpha-numerically

Thanks much for the consideration.
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