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Mile Tracker

Anuko Mile Tracker is a web application to keep track of miles / kilometers you run, walk, or drive. It is available online at miletracker.anuko.com.

Mile Tracker login screen at miletracker.anuko.com
Mile Tracker login screen

Technically, it is very similar to Time Tracker, which was desgined to track work time. But there is an important difference between the two, as the primary objective in Mile Tracker is tracking miles, or what we call internally tracking units. These are configurable on group level - you can customize what your track. You can also change the type of a tracking unit to be either an integer number or a fractional decimal with configurable precision.

This document, as well as the application itself, is currently work in progress. Some things remain to be fixed. However, core functionality is there. Feel free to give it a try and get back to us with any suggestions.

We would appreciate any feedback you might have about Time Tracker. You can give us your thoughts by going to support forum. Thank you for your comments.

Need more information? See Mile Tracker User Guide.