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Time Tracker Change Log

The most recent Anuko Time Tracker version is 1.9. You can download it from here. To find out which version you have look at the footer in Time Tracker application.

Version of Time Tracker is displayed in page footer
Version of Time Tracker is displayed in page footer

Changes since Time Tracker 1.9

  • - Removed legacy code that used to support Lock Interval in Days.
  • - Refactoring - cleaning up after introducing Locking plugin.
  • - Changed a message after locking error.
  • - Fixed export-import to include cron spec for the Locking plugin.
  • - Added an override for managers to bypass the Locking plugin restrictions.
  • - Start to use cron specification in the Locking plugin instead of Lock interval in days.
  • - A fix for date lock in expense_edit.php.
  • - Implemented locking feature as an optionally enabled Locking plugin.
  • - Refactoring in preparation for writing the Locking plugin.
  • - Added Serbian translation.
  • - Refactoring and cleaning up some code.
  • - Added special handling for admin@localhost to always authenticate against an internal database even in LDAP configurations.
  • - Fixed a redirect for different user roles after password change.
  • - Added an option to change admin login, name, and email.
  • - Added a Serbian translation.
  • - Fixed error 500 with password reset (introduced during recent refactoring in version
  • - Started to use isPost function of the request object to make code shorter.
  • - Introduced isPost function for the request object.
  • - Dutch translation improved.
  • - Switched to using shorter functions of ActionErrors class.
  • - Introduced and started to use shorter functions of ActionErrors class.
  • - Refactoring - removed unnecessary white space.
  • - Cosmetic formatting fixes.
  • - Fixed presentation of client_add.php for MODE_TIME tracking mode.
  • - Initial implementation of a mobile Timer page.
  • - Got rid of PHP warning when argument is not an array.
  • - Introduced ALLOW_OVERLAP setting to control whether overlapped time entries are allowed.
  • - Some clean up in translation files.
  • - Removed PHP closing tags from files to reduce a risk of white space leaks in output.
  • - Made report footer optional depending on REPORT_FOOTER setting in config.php.
  • - Removed terminating PHP tags from config.php.dist and language files.
  • - Added footer to PDF reports.
  • - Some cleanup in Czech and Danish translation files.
  • - Changed a message on front page to encourage contributions.
  • - Added "Contribute" link to the footer.
  • - Fixed PDF reports for Russian language.
  • - Made background for the logo transparent for better PDF reports.
  • - Initial attempt to implement PDF reporting.
  • - Removed whitespace from the end of index.php.
  • - Removed not needed brackets.
  • - Disabled email editing for non managers.
  • - Changed the subject of emailed favorite reports by cron.php from form.mail.report_subject to a report name.
  • - Allowed usage of login parameter on GET requests to login.php to pre-populate the login field.
  • - Finnish translation improved.
  • - Removed unused variable in WEB-INF/lib/Auth.class.php.
  • - Fixed the problem with a wrong warning about missing config.php file for mobile pages, introduced in previous version.
  • - Added mysqli capability and driver.
  • - Improved checks for loaded extensions.
  • - dbinstall.php fixed for updates with changed admin account and deleted users in versions prior to 1.3.72.
  • - Dutch translation improved.
  • - Fixed creating new invoices by replacing the index on tt_invoices table. The old one prohibited creating new invoices with names colliding with deleted invoices.
  • - Polish translation improved.
  • - Fixed client import.
  • - Client delete function extended with an option to delete associated items.
  • - Polish translation improved. Incomplete Tamil translation removed.
  • - Dutch translation improved.
  • - Added an option to permanently delete invoice entries when deleting invoice.
  • - Polish translation improved.

Changes in Time Tracker 1.9

  • - Added filtering for users for a client role in reports.
  • - Added more <label> tags to improve usability. Refactored Table class.
  • - Added a project filter for a client role on the reports page.
  • - Added some <label> tags to controls on the reports page to improve user experience.
  • - Updated website links.
  • - Fixed outputting a warning to error log.
  • - Dutch translation updated.
  • - Fixed escaping on behalf user info.
  • - Fixed sending scheduled reports.
  • - Added a copy button to client_edit.php.
  • - Fixed the broken link in uncompleted error message.
  • - Added a copy button to task edit page.
  • - Fixed the midnight problem in tdcron class.
  • - Implemented Notifications plugin (initial iteration).
  • - Implemented sending favorite reports from cron.php.
  • - Added tt_cron table to keep crontab specs to send out notifications.
  • - Fixed favorite reports to save invoiced / not invoiced option.
  • - Adjusted tt_fav_reports table to include a field for invoiced / not invoiced dropdown.
  • - Added invoiced / not invoiced option on the reports page.
  • - Fixed the Finnish file by removing the space before <php in the beginning of file.
  • - Dutch translation improved.
  • - Fixed editing own account.
  • - Fixed recent invoices retrieval.
  • - Merged the content of init_auth.php back to initialize.php.
  • - Implemented access checks for pages.
  • - Fixed deactivating own account for co-managers (by doing logout).
  • - Fixed setting status by co-managers.
  • - Fixed a problem of removing client_id when co-manager edits a client.
  • - Fixed updating users.
  • - Some refactoring of user rights.
  • - Fix charts menu.
  • - Introduced decimal mark selector on the team profile page.
  • - Removed not used address control from the profile edit interface.
  • - Simplified the team profile page by replacing the client type dropdown with a simple checkbox.
  • - Added a user-controlled flag whether to apply tax to expense items.

Changes in Time Tracker 1.8

Released August 9, 2014.
  • - Client role added. Clients have access to reports and invoices for a single or all clients.
  • - Security fixes applied to address cross-side scripting vulnerability.
  • - Added FUTURE_DATES value to config file to define whether future time and expense entries are allowed.
  • - Adjusted the date on invoice_add.php to match browser today.
  • - Move invoice number control to the the top of invoice_add.php page.
  • - Added project selector on invoice_add.php page.
  • - Added Persian translation.
  • - Fixed sorting issue on reports when start time is used.
  • - Changed help link to point to an updated user guide.
  • - Fixed invoice presentation for MODE_TIME tracking mode.
  • - Fixed charts.php page to display things properly for MODE_TIME and Clients plugin on.
  • - Fixed a presentation issue with 12-hour time format example on the Profile page (AM/PM was missing).
  • - Fixed a problem with using ldap_set_option properly (after connection to LDAP server is obtained).
  • - Started to use a named PHP session to eliminate sharing session variables with other PHP applications that do not name their session.
  • - LDAP authentication module integrated as an open source component.
  • - Fixed presentation issue on expense_delete.php when Clients plugin is disabled.
  • - Moved comment placement from bottom to top in emailed reports and invoices.
  • - Replaced change log info in readme with a link to this page.
  • - Fixed a problem with JavaScript in projects mode.
  • - Put self in the beginning of user list on time, expenses, and charts pages. Refactoring.

Changes in Time Tracker 1.7

Released May 24, 2014.
  • - Expenses module added.
  • - Fixed the constructor in ttImportHelper class. Made a change to display 0:00 duration in red on mobile time entry page. Changed the label for subtotals when reports are grouped.
  • - Fixed a bug in formatting email reports. Hebrew translation improved.
  • - Fixed date format in reports.
  • - Sorting in reports improved.
  • - Hebrew translation improved.
  • - Fixed data export / import for favorite reports.
  • - Improved reports. Fixed rounding errors in reports.
  • - Organized old report files.
  • - Fixed filling of project and task dropdowns on time.php and time_edit.php page loading.
  • - Fixed 12-hour format in reports.
  • - Hebrew translation improved.
  • - Fixed filtering down the tasks dropdown on page load when Clients plugin disabled.
  • - Hebrew translation improved.
  • - Fixed the problem with subtotals in invoices.
  • - Hebrew translation improved.
  • - Reports refactored.
  • - Implemented one-click finish for uncompleted records.
  • - Put back script to the Calendar class to adjust today link to browser (not server) today.
  • - Fixed missing client field on time entry page in MODE_TIME.
  • - Refactoring reports.
  • - Added a Copy button to project_edit.php.
  • - Refactoring reports. Fixing tab order.
  • - Invoices redesigned. German translation improved.

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