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User Accounts in Time Tracker

Note: this document is a bit outdated with recent introduction of configurable roles and subgroups. It mostly applies to some default, pre-defined roles. As development evolves quicker than documentation, this particular page needs a rewrite. Post your question on Time Tracker forum for a quick update.

Time Tracker is a web-based application. Point your browser to the URL where Time Tracker is installed, for example, at https://timetracker.anuko.com and work in your browser. This is what the login screen looks like.

Time Tracker login screen
Time Tracker login screen

To start working with the system you need to have an account on it. If you are a regular user it is likely that your group manager already created user accounts and projects for your group. All you need to do is login and start tracking work hours on the Time tab. If you are a group manager or Time Tracker administrator, you'll need to create a group (also called a team) first. This is explained below.

A quick note about teams: in context of Time Tracker team and group mean the same thing (a unit of users that work together and track their time and expenses). Prior to Time Tracker 1.18, Time Tracker did not support sub-units (or sub-teams). We work on introducing them. When it happens, we think that group and subgroup will better describe a unit of users, rather than team and sub-team. While this refactoring is going on, both terms are used. group is team, group_id is team_id in code and so on. When we are done with this particular refactoring, we hope to remove all references to teams, and keep just groups.

About User Logins

Each user in Time Tracker is identified by unique login and is also associated with a role. Only one role can be assigned to any user. Each role has a different set or access rights, or permissions. Roles are editable by users who have the "manage_roles" right in their collection of rights.

About User Roles

Currently, Time Tracker has seven pre-defined roles: Administrator, Top manager, Manager, Co-manager, Client, Supervisor, and User. This means that when you install Time Tracker, or create a new group in the existing Time Tracker, these roles are available for immediate use.

Non Editable Roles

  • Administrator installs and initially configures Time Tracker. He or she usually creates the first group. The administrator can also manage groups and import group data from another Time Tracker server. The default login for Administrator is admin and the default password is secret. You can also use admin@localhost - this special login is always authenticated against a database even in LDAP installations. Note: admin@localhost is available since Time Tracker Administrator role is not editable. Short description: site adminsitrator.
  • Top manager is a top role in a group, which may contain subgroups. A group in this case is the entire organization. This non-editable role has a full collection of possible access rights, with an exception of "administer_site", which is reserved for a system administrator (see Administrator role above). In other words, top manager role is an intrinsic, non-editable role for a general manager in an organization (root manager) with all possible rights in a group and all its subgroups all the way down. It is assigned to a person who creates the organization. Note: you can host multiple organizations on one Time Tracker server. Accounts in one organization (top group) do not relate to accounts in other organizations (other top groups) in any way. Short description: Top group manager. Can do everything in a tree of groups.

Editable Roles

  • Manager supervises a group of users, clients, supervisors, and co-managers by having most of access to team data. Short description: Group manager. Can do most of things for a group.
  • Co-manager performs some of team management tasks such as working with users, projects, tasks, generating reports, and invoices. The co-manager role is useful for big teams. Small teams may do without co-managers. This role is almost like a team manager, but some tasks still require manager to login. Short description: A person with a big set of group management functions.

NOTE: The information below is a bit out of date as we have re-designed user roles to provide for better flexibility. Read forum for more details at https://www.anuko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1833

  • Client has access to reports and invoices for a single or all clients. Client does not enter any data into Time Tracker. If you invoice customers, you can give them limited access to Time Tracker so that they can view this information.
  • Users work with Time Tracker by entering data and generating reports for themselves.
Each user's login uniquely identifies that user. There can be only one active user per login.

Creating a Team

Working with Time Tracker begins with creating a team. Then the manager creates additional logins for co-managers, team members, and clients, if necessary. Even if you are just a single user, you still need to create a team for yourself.

The administrator may elect to install the system in MULTITEAM_MODE. When enabled anyone can create a new team by clicking the Create Team link in the black menu. When MULTITEAM_MODE is disabled only the administrator can create teams. MULTITEAM_MODE is enabled by default.

This is what the form for creating a new team looks like:

Time Tracker form for creating teams
Time Tracker form for creating teams

Creating Accounts for Team Members

Team manager can create additional logins for team members. You can do so on the Users tab using the Add user button.

Create user accounts on the Users tab in Time Tracker
Create user accounts on the Users tab in Time Tracker

When adding a team member you can make him or her a co-manager. If you set it new team member will have some (but not all) manager rights, otherwise he or she will be a regular user. You can also specify default hourly rate for the new member and even set different rates depending on project if you have projects already created.

Use the Role selector to make user a co-manager in Time Tracker
Use the Role selector to make user a co-manager in Time Tracker

The following user role options are available when team manager creates users. If Client is not there, enable the Clients plugin.

User role options
User role options

When accounts are created, team members may login and use the system. To edit or delete users use Edit or Delete links in team member table on the Users tab.

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