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Attachments in Time Tracker

With Attachments plugin, you can attach files to various entities in Time Tracker. Attachments can be added to time log entries, projects, and timesheets. You can also see them in reports. We plan to extend this capability later to other entities such as users, tasks, expenses, etc. If you require this sooner rather than later please contact us for a customization quote.

Enabling Attachments Plugin

You can enable the Attachments plugin on the Plugins tab for the group. Mark the checkbox and then click Save.

Enabling Attachments plugin
Enabling Attachments plugin

This adds an extra Files column in appropriate views. Below is a Projects page with the Files column. Clicking an icon displays the files attached to a project. A green icon means there are attached files, yellow means no files.

Files column on Projects view in Time Tracker
Files column on Projects view in Time Tracker

Clicking View displays a list of attachments, currently associated with a project. You can add new attachments using the controls on the bottom (click Browse, locate the file, provide description, then click Add to upload new file).

Project attachment list in Time Tracker
Project attachment list in Time Tracker

To download an attachment, click on its link in the Name column.

Uploading Attachments

You can add a file to a time entry or a project when creating it. Use the Browse button to attach a file, this adds the file to your new entry. An example picture below shows the time page with the controls highlighted. Attachment icons are also shown in the list of time entries on the bottom. To add additional files, click on the file icon.

Use the Browse button to attach a file to a new record
Use the Browse button to attach a file to a new record

File Storage Appliance

Attachments increase server storage requirements significantly. Because of this, attachments are currently handled by a remote File Storage Appliance. This feature is available as a subscription with a free trial period. This controls server loads and helps with development and maintenance of Time Tracker. Free hosting continues to be available to groups with 5 people or less with 500 MB of free attachment storage. Below are usage scenarios for the Attachments plugin.

Anuko Hosting

  • Small groups 5 users or less - free hosting at https://timetracker.anuko.com (up to 500 MB).
  • Larger groups (or small groups with over 500 MB of storage) - subscription to either shared or dedicated hosting.

Self Hosting

  • Subscription to a remote File Storage appliance with Anuko.

Configuring Self-hosted Time Tracker

Self-hosted Time Tracker installations use FILE_STORAGE_URI in config.php, which defines a location for secure storage of files. Access is protected by keys.
// File storage facility location for attachments.
// This feature requires a subscription or a locally installed appliance.
// define('FILE_STORAGE_URI', 'localhost');
define('FILE_STORAGE_URI', 'https://www.anuko.com/files/');
Do not change FILE_STORAGE_URI as the appliance is not available for localhost install at this time.

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