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Report Approval in Time Tracker

Sometimes, it may be necessary to approve records in Time Tracker. For example, you may have some clients accessing the system under Client roles and want them to see only approved records, not all of them. Or, you want to indicate to users that some records are unapproved and require additional input.

Currently, there are two different ways that accomplish this. One is Report Approval, covered by this topic, another is Timesheets. The difference is as follows:

  • Report approval - is a simple way for managers to approve some or all items on reports (whether time or expenses). This sets the approved flag on individual items.
  • Timesheets - users may combine time entries in a certain date range into a timesheet and have managers either approve or disapprove an entire timesheet. Note that this work only with time items. Expense items are not covered in timesheets.

Enable Approval Plugin

To start with report approval, enable the Report aproval plugin on the Plugins tab.

Enable Report approval plugin and click Save
Enable Report approval plugin and click Save

Select Report Options

If we run a report now, we should see a couple of additional controls on the report options page.
  • Approved dropdown allows to filter a report to have either approved, not approved, or all records.
  • There is an additional Approved checkbox in the Show fields section. It prints items approval status as yes or no.

Two  additional controls for report approval.
Two additional controls for report approval.

How to Approve Report Items

To approve items on a report, login in Time Tracker as a user who has the approve_reports right, available in Supervisor or higher roles by default, or approve_all_reports available in Manager and Top Manager roles. The first works for lower rank roles only, while approve_all_reports works for all members in the group regardless of rank.

Use checkboxes and controls on the bottom to approve report items.
Use checkboxes and controls on the bottom to approve report items.

  • To approve all report items: select --- all ---, approved, then click Submit.
  • To approve only selected items, use --- select ---, approved, Submit.

Client Access

If you use client roles, this section describes peculiarities specific to them. Clients are special users that do not track time in the system. Instead, they are like customers to Time Tracker groups. They can login to the system and view their data. For example, if time or expenses were logged for the client, then this is what they see in reports. Another case is viewing their invoices.

By default, a Client role has view_client_reports access right. When Report approval is used, it means seeing only approved items. There is also view_client_unapproved right, which the default Client role does not have. A group manager can change this and assign the view_client_unapproved right to the Client role. With it clients can see unapproved records also.

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