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CMS navigational menu is located under Home when your website is in Edit mode. You enter the Edit mode only after login. In other words, to see CMS menu you need to login to your website and then click the Home link.

The entries under the Home menu are as follows:
  • Home - takes you to your website.
  • Site Map - displays a site map with all your pages, organized in a tree-like structure. If you click on any individual page you will be taken to an edit screen for this particular page.
  • My Images - displays a catalog of images that can be displayed on your pages. This is a repository for all your graphic files.
  • Edit Site Menu - click to edit your website navigational menu.
  • My Profile - takes you to a page to edit personal data such as your name, email, and password. You can also manage co-editors on this page.
  • My Balance - if you participate in website referral program, this page will show your current earnings.
  • Site Attributes - this is where you can change major attributes for your website such as site title and a design template. Normally, you would not want to change anything here.
  • Google Analytics - allows you to set up tracking of website visitors.
  • Logout - logs you out of Anuko CMS.
Most important entries here are Site Map (a catalog of your pages) and My Images (a catalog of your images).

Additionally, the following links to help materials are displayed in the menu:
  • User Guide - online user manual for the system.
  • CMS Tags - describes tags that can be used to improve presentation of your content.

CMS User Guide