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Site Map

The first thing you see after login to a website is a site map. It is a listing of pages and folders your website consists of. Folders may contain pages and other folders. Expand or collapse folders using the plus and minus buttons in front of them.

Site map is the first thing you see after login:

Site map in Anuko CMS
Site map in Anuko CMS

You can edit any page from here by just clicking on it. So, if you wanted to modify some page, the procedure is simple:
  • Login to your website to see its Site Map.
  • Find your page and click on it.
  • Edit the page and save it. That's all.

Showing a Single Folder

To see the content of a single folder click on its name. This has the following effect:
  • The folder is expanded. Other folders get removed from view.
  • All folder content is shown, including hidden files in it. Do not edit hidden files unless you know what you are doing. Hidden files provide advanced configuration options for websites.
You can do this for the root folder, too (the one on top of Site Map, with a name consisting of only a single forward slash), if you manage to click the slash itself. The root folder always has hidden files. For example, the site menu (.menu file) is there.

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