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World Clock 3.0 Change Log

This page lists changes in World Clock software version 3.0 and below.

Changes in World Clock 3.0

Released May 2, 2006.
  • Desktop mode is introduced. Clocks can now be placed on desktop as well as in the system tray.
  • 64-bit Windows XP support.
  • Action on double-click has more options such as show calendar, copy text to clipboard, etc.
  • World map is integrated into the right-click menu.
  • Initial attempt to integrate the product with the City Photos site is done to allow users view photos of world cities.

Changes in Anuko World Clock 2.7.0

Released February 7, 2006.
  • Graphical interactive WORLD MAP is introduced.
  • The product started to use the free city time zones database.
  • Bug fix: a thin transparent line about 5 pixel high shows intermittently on clocks for users with auto-hide taskbar.

Changes in World Clock 2.6.8

  • Minimalistic skins are introduced, which are defined only by values in skin.ini.
  • Time synchronization is properly randomized (this affects versions 2.6.2 - 2.6.7). Default time server changed.
  • Miscellaneous minor improvements such as new Feature Request button.

Changes in World Clock 2.6.7

  • Digital skins are improved by providing options to select fonts and border. Look at skin.ini for each skin sub-folder.
  • Enterprise and single-user editions merged into one full version.
  • Support for localized format of dates. For example, dates in French Windows will be in French.

Changes in World Clock 2.6.6

  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes in World Clock 2.6.5

  • Calendar added.
  • Options w and ww to output week number in date formatters added.

Changes in World Clock 2.6.4

  • An option to highlight local system time is introduced.
  • An option to swap computer time zones conveniently from taskbar is introduced.

Changes in World Clock 2.6.3

  • An option to select when synchronization occurs is introduced.
  • Local system time zone is added to the list of time zones.

Changes in World Clock 2.6.1

  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes in Anuko World Clock v2.6

  • Time converter feature is introduced.

Changes in World Clock 2.5.2

  • Prefix and tooltip for each clock are combined in one control.
  • Controls on the Clocks tab in ZoneTick Preferences rearranged.
  • Performance improved for applying changes to long ini files.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes in World Clock 2.5.1

  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes in World Clock 2.5

  • Radical improvement of alarms. Recurring and cron-like alarms are now fully supported. Note: older alarms will not function after upgrade, so you need to re-create them.
  • Anuko World Clock preferences UI improved. Clocks are now organized in a tree with alarms and backgrounds as sub-nodes. This allows for easy and intuitive configuration of clocks, alarms, and backgrounds.

Changes in World Clock 2.4.7

  • Smarter clock positioning algorithm is introduced, which saves valuable taskbar space.

Changes in World Clock 2.4.6

  • Dates in custom formats may be displayed on analog clocks.

Changes in World Clock 2.4.5

  • Option to show all clocks in tooltip.
  • Strict attachment of the local clock to the local time zone during install, which does not change during system time zone change (as requested by business travellers).

Changes in World Clock 2.4.4

  • "Show hidden icons" button bug fixed.
  • Easier change of clocks in taskbar via a left-click menu.
  • Sorting of clocks in left-click menu by time zone.
  • Better choice of time formatters. Multiple-line date formats are introduced.

Changes in World Clock 2.4.3

  • Custom date and time formatters are introduced for each clock.

Changes in World Clock 2.4.2

  • Low process priority bug fixed.
  • Dependency of machine keys on software factors eliminated.
  • Installation is now done for all system users by default, no additional activation codes necessary.