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World Clock 5.0 Change Log

This page lists changes in World Clock software between versions 4.0 and 5.0.

Changes in World Clock 5.0

Released November 11, 2008.
  • Illuminator digital skin added to the default distribution package.
  • Bug fix: importing a configuration containing a fewer number of clocks than the current one now works properly.
  • Import and export of settings introduced. The feature allows for easy backup / restore of clock settings between systems.
  • German, Russian, Italian, Spanisn, and Simplified Chinese translations improved.
  • Argentina time zone changes introduced: some provinces will not observe DST in 2008. The change affects Mendoza, Rio Gallegos, and Ushuaia. If you already monitor these cities you need to reapply clock location for them.
  • More web servers listed for time synchronization in restricted environments where SNTP time synchronization does not work.

Changes in World Clock 4.4

Released October 7, 2008.
  • Syria time zone changed - DST will end on November 1.
  • To reduce load on time servers and to improve efficiency of time synchronization a time server pool pool.ntp.org added to the list of available time servers.
  • Time synchronization over HTTP introduced. Time can now be synchronized with any web server.
  • Error log introduced for troubleshooting software updates behind proxy server.
  • Error reporting improved during software updates.
  • Cosmetic improvements for Windows Vista users.
  • Notification window improved: dismissing all messages in the notification window will now automatically close it.
  • Argentina time zone change: DST in Argentina will start on the 3rd Sunday in October, not on the 1st Sunday as previously expected.
  • Pakistan extended daylight saving time for 2 months more until October 31. Pakistan time zone change integrated into the product.
  • Morocco ends DST 27 days earlier than previously expected. Casablanca and Rabat cities are affected. Morocco time zone change integrated into the product.
  • Uninstaller improved for compatibility with other products.
  • Cache location for city photos changed.
  • Portuguese translation improved.
  • Minor corrections in English, German, and Spanish localization files.
  • The "Show tooltips" user interface option added to the "Appearance on taskbar" page in Preferences. It determines whether tooltips are shown near taskbar clocks when mouse hovers over.
  • The "Show city photos" user interface option added to the General page in Preferences.
  • City photos integrated in clock tooltips.
  • Bug fixes related to city photos integration in the world map.
  • Performance improvements for city photos navigation in the world map.

Changes in World Clock 4.3

Released July 8, 2008.
  • City photos integration into the world map.
  • Important time zone changes for some areas in Brazil.
  • Mauritius time zone adjustment because of reintroduction of DST in 2008.
  • Major city database update: all Canadian city names modified to comply with the naming convention. For example: Toronto, ON is now used instead of Toronto. Some Canadian city coordinates were also corrected for better accuracy.

Changes in World Clock 4.2

Released June 3, 2008.
  • World map window size and position is now remembered.
  • City list added to the world map when it is invoked via the right-click menu.
  • USA state / Canadian province names are now omitted from default clock labels when changing locations for clocks.
  • Bug fix: duplication of advanced alarms upon reboot eliminated.
  • Major city database update: all USA city names modified to comply with the naming convention. For example: Dallas, TX is now used instead of Dallas. Some USA city coordinates were also corrected.
  • Pakistan and Morocco time zones changed due to introduction of DST.
  • Limit on the number of taskbar clocks increased from 10 to 12.
  • Syria time zone changed. New DST rules are as follows: Daylight Saving Time (DST, summer time) starts on: first Friday, April at 00:00:00 local time. Set clock 1 hour forward. Daylight Saving Time (DST, summer time) ends on: 1 October at 00:00:00 local time. Set clock 1 hour back.

Changes in World Clock 4.1

Released March 12, 2008.
  • Iraq time zone modified due to abandonment of daylight saving time.
  • Cuba time zone modified. They are still on standard time as per ground reports. Assuming last Sunday in March from 2008 forward for DST start.
  • Chile time zone corrected due to extension of DST because of drought until the end of March, 2008.
  • Bug fix: analog skins now work correctly in 16 bit display color resolutions.
  • Bug fix: corners of digital skins now show up properly in 16 bit display color resolutions.
  • Bug fix: clock and time examples in Anuko World Clock Preferences now work correctly in 16 bit display color resolutions.
  • Bug fix: timer / stopwatch control panel now get displayed properly in 16 bit display color resolutions.
  • Graphical presentation of analog skins improved.
  • Reintroduction of daylight saving time (DST) in Argentina integrated into product.
  • CD installers introduced. They are burned on high-quality media and contain additional resources such as skins, sounds, and an optional higher resolution world map.
  • Installer updated. It will not overwrite a higher resolution world map if it exists. A higher resolution world map may be installed from a CD installer or manually from the NASA site. Note to users of high resolution maps: these maps require additional computing resources for proper operation. Install them only when your hardware is capable to handle such graphics.
  • Bug fix: algorithm to calculate the required space for timers and stopwatches fixed.
  • Light spot problem in Quartz Analog skin is fixed.
  • wd, and wD date formatters are introduced to represent numerical day of week. wd counts from 0, while wD counts from 1.
  • Timer / stopwatch control panel improved.
  • Venezuela time zone change from GMT-04:00 to GMT-04:30.
  • Introduction of DST in Iran in 2008 integrated into the product.
  • Bug fix: advanced alarms specified with a cron day range like 1-31 now work properly.
  • Bug fix: time synchronization with time servers specified by an IP address now works properly.
  • German and Spanish translations improved.
  • Allowable length for clock and timer labels increased to 31 characters.
  • A link to the FAQ page added to About window for quicker access to support information.
  • Error handler added for situations when city database files are corrupt, absent or in incompatible format.