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Anuko World Clock Compatibility Notes

Occasionally, situations occur when another product interferes with normal operation of Anuko World Clock. There are several types of such products:

  1. Antivirus products that may issue a false alarm. Symantec's NAV was doing this in March 2007, other antivirus products often do a similar mistake.
  2. Security products that prohibit writing data to the product install directory (where Anuko World Clock settings are stored). In this case you will not be able to save and keep your clock settings. According to one report, ESET's NOD32 is doing it as of March 2010.
  3. Security products that mistakenly treat installing a taskbar hook as a threat and interfere. Installing such hook is a legitimate and the only way for us to show clocks in taskbar. In this case you will not be able to see Anuko clocks in taskbar (only on desktop). As of 2010, there is at least ONE product that is doing this.
  4. Various Windows shell / interface improvement products that radically change the look of Windows. In this case operating in taskbar is often impossible. WindowBlinds is one of such products.
  5. Faulty or improperly installed video drivers. Read the Incompatibilities with Video Drivers section for more information.
  6. Website "advisor" products that may treat some of our websites as potentially harmful. McAfee SiteAdvisor is one example. Combination of such false alarms with their telemarketing approach to sales is very annoying.
  7. Screen extender products that expand desktop working area to multiple monitors. Some of these products, such as Matrox TripleHead2Go may have an option to launch programs on a particular screen. When this option is used, the device driver interferes with clock positions and forcefully moves desktop clocks.

What to Do in Case of Incompatibility?

When you encounter an incompatibility the best option is to report it to us and to another product manufacturer. We will do our best to help, if another party cooperates. Very often the problem needs to be fixed in another product. Therefore, it is best to communicate the problem to all.

There is one important exception: a crash in video driver when working with the world map. These problems are often fixable. The most important step is to make sure you have installed the latest manufacturer’s driver for your video adapter. Visit the Incompatibilities with Video Drivers section for more information.

Known Compatibility Issues

The following table lists most important known compatibility issues, as reported by users. This is work in progress. Items may be added when more reports become available. Information is compiled from user reports only and is provided AS IS without guarantees of accuracy of any kind.

Name and version Manufacturer Problem description Resolution or workaround Report details
Norton 360 Symantec Removal of world clock executable after a reboot or a virus scan. Update Norton 360. Read report
TripleHead2Go device driver Matrox Desktop clocks move on system restart or settings change. Disable "launch programs on a specific monitor" option in the device driver. Read report
NOD32 2.70.32 ESET Users are unable to apply / save clock settings when NOD32 is running. Either uninstall or stop NOD32, apply settings, and restart. Read report
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. Taskbar clocks suddenly move to desktop. Restart Anuko World Clock. Configure ZoneAlarm to allow Anuko process to have a hook in taskbar. Read report