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World Clock Incompatibility Report for Norton 360

Product name: Norton 360 Premier Edition (non-confirmed version approx. as of July 2010).
Manufacturer: Symantec
Date the problem was first reported: July 8, 2011.

Description of the problem: World clock executable file disappears after a system reboot or virus scan.

Probable cause: False positive in Norton 360.

Product details: Exact product details and version are unknown. Most likely, the problem existed prior to Norton 360 version - which we tested on July 10, 2011 and, during our testing, it was working okay. User referred to his copy as "about 1 year old". Here is an example of user report:

"My antivirus software (Norton 360 Premier Edition) keeps uninstalling Anuko World Clock. The executable would disappear with a reboot or virus scan. Since I own Norton 360 I uninstalled it and installed the new version ( of Norton 360 Premier Edition and it did not do away with Anuko World Clock."

Recommended solution or workaround: Either uninstall Norton 360 or upgrade it.