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World Clock Incompatibility Report for TripleHead2Go

Product name: TripleHead2Go device driver
Manufacturer: Matrox
Date the problem was first reported: June 23, 2011.

Description of the problem: TripleHead2Go device driver has an option to "launch programs on a specific monitor". When this option is used, desktop clocks are forcefully moved from their original positions to the center of this monitor upon system restart or when you change clock settings.

Probable cause: Interference with windows positions when programs start.

Product details: Exact product details and versions are unknown to us. However, a couple of users have sent the following reports in July, 2011:

"When I make 1 or more clocks to be displayed on the main screen and placed them somewhere else then in the middle of the screen, after I change a setting, it does not matter witch on, these clocks reposition themselfs to the middle of the screen."

"I have several clocks stacked on my desktop one on top of each other in a vertical column - all are locked to the group. After a computer restart or after changing settings with the clocks, the clocks all wind up one on top of each other so that you can only see one clock. I then have to detach the top clock, move it, then do the same for the next one and so on. Then re-align all of them into a column and re-attach them to the group."

Recommended solution or workaround: Disable the option to "launch programs on a certain screen" in the TripleHead2Go device driver.