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How to Pre-configure Clocks for Many Users

You can pre-configure Anuko World Clock if you have the full version of the program. Default settings are stored in the default.ini file in the program's directory (usually C:\Program Files\Anuko\World Clock\). You can overwrite the default.ini file with your own during installation. Here is how to do it.

Provide your own file with default clock settings. Name it enterprise.ini. Put it into the same directory where your installer is. The installer will check for existence of this file and, if found, rewrite default.ini with your content.

Although many settings are pre-defined here in default.ini, the most important are the following, as defined in clock2.
timezone=(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
zone=GMT Standard Time
location=London, United Kingdom
To find out what needs to be placed in your default.ini first set your clocks exactly as you want them. Then, copy the content of all [username:clockN] sections from your section of world_clock.ini to enterprise.ini. N here stands for clock number. In your world_clock.ini file these sections will have different titles, derived from your Windows logon name. For example, if your logon name is john then the sections will be titled as below.
and so on, for all clocks
Make sure to test everything before deploying for many users.

Note: clock settings for users are stored in their world_clock.ini files. Changing the default.ini file will not have any effect if user has already used the product on a particular computer. To change clock settings for existing and not just new users you need to delete world_clock.ini file before installing or updating the product.

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