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Where Are World Clock Updates Located

If you configured World Clock to automatically download updates, it will check our server for new releases every once in a while. When an update is found, it will automatically download it to your computer.

What Exactly Is an Update

An update is simply an installer for a new version. It is the same thing you use to install World Clock. The only difference is the version of the product it installs. In other words, it is the entire full version installer, not a patch or a collections of changed files.

Location of a World Clock Update on Hard Drive

The file is named world_clock_setup.exe and is located in the following directory on your harddrive.
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Anuko\World Clock\
For example, on Windows 7 it may map to
C:\ProgramData\Anuko\World Clock\

Location of World Clock updates on hard drive
Location of World Clock updates on hard drive

If you wish to keep a backup copy of the latest Anuko World Clock installer, backup world_clock_setup.exe file for future emergencies.

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