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Consulting Services

IT Questions

How can we customize a product to satisfy our needs? How can we develop something similar (or not quite) to a product already available? How exactly do we install software in a particular instance? How can we manage IT effectively?

Many companies ask these questions from time to time. IT professionals at Anuko already know the answers!

If you have a particular software development, IT management or systems administration need, or you just need an advice or recommendation on information technology problems consider hiring a consultant.

Hire Anuko Consultant for your
IT or development needs!

What an IT Consultant Can Do

Our consultants are always ready:
  • To answer your information technology questions and provide recommendations or a second opinion.
  • To consult you about how to install, set up, and configure IT software. We are particularly skillful at providing advice on products developed by Anuko. We know all their peculiarities because we developed these products ourselves.
  • To help you find optimized software solution for your very specific business needs.
  • To adapt or customize available software solutions for your business requirements.
  • To develop a one-off, individual solution to meet your enterprise IT technology demand.
  • To create an open source solution to address your needs and also to help others in a similar business environment.

Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultant from Anuko

  • We employ only professional, highly educated, and experienced consultants.
  • We offer our clients only effective solutions with the best available quality.

Systems Administration Consulting

Our professional IT consultants can help you to achieve efficiency and improve productivity in your enterprise. Managing IT infrastructure is a complicated and often expensive job. Outsourcing some of it to our company can provide you with a critical advantage over your competitors.
  • Our consultants can help you to optimize the IT infrastructure of your enterprise. Optimized systems deliver better performance to your workforce and clients and improve the bottom line.
  • We can help you to install, configure, or upgrade IT software.
  • We can provide advice and recommendations or a second opinion for your specific IT environment.
  • We can help you to select a software solution to better address your business needs.
  • One-time assignments (small and large) as well as regular full-time or part-time systems management work are possible.
Working with Anuko means delegating the important tasks to knowledgeable IT professionals! Contact us for further details.

Another option to do your project is to post it on a remote job website.