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User Profile in Time Tracker

Profile tab in Time Tracker is used to adjust user properties such as name, login, password, and email. The page itself is available to users with the manage_own_settings access right (all default roles), but the ability to change name, login, and email is restricted to users with the manage_own_account right (default Co-manager, Manager, and Top manager roles). Users in other roles see these fields with read-only values.

User profile tab in Time Tracker
User profile tab in Time Tracker

The Profile page is relatively simple. You may be wondering where other user attributes are set, such as user rates and project assignments. They are set elsewhere. The sections below provide more information about it.

User Rate

If you use Time Tracker for cost calculations or for billing / invoicing, you may need to set user pay rate. A rate is a monetary value per hour of work. Rates are set on the Users page by team manager or co-managers. Rates are set and used differently, depending on tracking mode.

User Rate in "Time" Tracking Mode

In Time tracking mode, the Default hourly rate determines user pay rate per hour. Managers assign it on user edit page. To get there, go to the Users tab in Time Tracker and then edit a particular user. Note that the currency is set on the Group settings page.

"Default hourly rate" is user pay rate in "Time" tracking mode
"Default hourly rate" is user pay rate in "Time" tracking mode

Rates in "Projects" and "Projects and Tasks" Tracking Modes

Projects and Projects and tasks tracking modes give you an additional flexibility to set project rates separately. In the example screenshot below, one project is set at 10 monetary units per hour, while another is at 20. Note that the Default hourly rate value in these tracking modes is not used for cost / pay calculations. Rates are set individually per project for each user.

Set up different project rates in "Projects" and "Projects and tasks" tracking modes
Set up different project rates in "Projects" and "Projects and tasks" tracking modes

Project Assignment

Managers can assign projects to users on user edit pages in Time Tracker by ticking relevant project checkboxes. A ticked checkbox means assigned project. Such project is visible to user and time can be logged against it.

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