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Time Tracker Quick Install Guide for Linux

This is a quick install guide for Anuko Time Tracker on Linux. The process is similar for FreeBSD, Unix, and similar operating systems. You may also wish to check the installation process.

Check Prerequisites

Check prerequisites, whether you have the following installed, configured, and working properly:
  • Apache web server
  • PHP5 with
    • GD with Freetype fonts support included
    • mbstring included
  • MySQL server

Download Time Tracker Source Code

$ wget https://www.anuko.com/download/time_tracker/time_tracker.zip

Unpack Source Code

Unpack distribution files into a selected directory for Apache web server. If you have a previous deployment of time tracker - backup it, remove it and then deploy the new code.
$ cd /path/to/DocumentRoot/
$ unzip time_tracker.zip
$ cd timetracker

Allow Writing to WEB-INF/templates_c/

Set world write file access permissions for directory WEB-INF/templates_c/
$ chmod 777 WEB-INF/templates_c
Some hosting providers like Hostmonster additionally require files having 644 and directories 755. Otherwise you'll see error 500 (bad permissions, writable by group).

Create Database

Create MySQL database and MySQL user. Grant SQL permissions.
$ mysql -h localhost -u root -p

mysql> CREATE DATABASE timetracker CHARACTER SET = 'utf8mb4';
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON timetracker.* TO 'ttuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpassword';

Create Config File

Copy and modify config file.
$ cd WEB-INF
$ cp config.php.dist config.php
Change the $dsn value to reflect your database connection parameters: username, password, and database name (in the example below ttuser is username, yourpassword is password, and timetracker is database name):
define('DSN', 'mysql://ttuser:yourpassword@localhost/timetracker');
If you install Time Tracker into a sub-directory of your site, make sure this is reflected in the DIR_NAME parameter in WEB-INF/config.php.

For example, for http://localhost/timetracker/ set
define('DIR_NAME', 'timetracker');

Create or Update Time Tracker DB Structure with dbinstall.php

Use browser and navigate to
For new installation use the first step (Create database structure) in dbinstall.php. For updates from an older version execute only the update steps that apply to your version, going from top to bottom.

Remove or Disable Install Script

$ cd ../..
$ chmod 000 dbinstall.php

Change Admin Password

Login to your time tracker site as admin with the password "secret" (without quotes) and change admin password.
Click the Options menu item and change admin password there.

At this point Time Tracker should be ready to use. See Time Tracker User Guide.

Time Tracker Install Guide