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Time Tracker Installation Process

This section describes Time Tracker installation process in general. Basically, you need to have several components working together before installing Time Tracker. They are an operating system, a web server, a database server, and PHP with required extensions. In other words, the install process is really simple:
  1. Patch / update your operating system.
  2. Install a web server.
  3. Install MySQL database server.
  4. Install PHP and configure your web server to work with it.
  5. Install MySQL, mbstring, and GD extensions for PHP. GD extension is needed to display charts. Install LDAP extension if you plan to use LDAP authentication. If you don't have mbstring extension enabled, you are likely to see this error: PHP extension 'mbstring' is required but is not loaded. Read Time Tracker Install Guide for help.
  6. Install and configure Time Tracker using the following steps.
    • Download and deploy Time Tracker source code from here.
    • Grant full access to everyone to WEB-INF/templates_c directory.
    • Create config.php file by copying from WEB-INF/config.php.dist.
    • Create a database for Time Tracker to use.
    • Modify the DSN value in config.php to access the database.
    • Populate the database using dbinstall.php.
    • Modify DIR_NAME in config.php if necessary.
    • Remove dbinstall.php and change admin password.
    • Adjust other values in config.php as needed.

Time Tracker Install Guide