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Time Tracker Features

Free Time Tracker

Anuko Time Tracker is free to use. We even offer free hosting of Anuko Time Tracker to individuals and small teams. You can access this free hosting from anywhere in the world.

Easy to Use

Anyone can use Anuko Time Tracker right away - it is very easy to use and understand, and requires no special technical knowledge or training. It is a web-based system, so users do not need to install any software to track their time.

Open Source

Anuko Time Tracker comes with full source code, which is available for use and modifications. Anyone with experience developing software may customize Anuko Time Tracker the way they wish.

Suitable for Anyone’s Needs

Whether you are an individual doing independent contracting / consulting, a small business or team, or a large business, Anuko Time Tracker has everything you need to track the time spent on any project or activity that needs to be tracked.

VMware Virtual Appliance

For anyone that wishes to host their own Anuko Time Tracker server but doesn't want to set up a dedicated server, a VMware Virtual Appliance can be purchased to run on a virtual server. No installation or server configuration is required, it is fully installed and ready to use.

Many companies are finding tremendous value in using virtual servers, and a Virtual Appliance makes this even easier. Virtual servers save the time, money, and resources involved in installing and maintaining a hardware server.

Small teams that want their own internal time tracker server can even use it with the free VMware Player to reduce costs even further.


Anuko Time Tracker uses four user levels: Manager, Co-Manager, User, and Client to suit your company or team’s needs.

Time Input

Users can input their time using the time of day or the duration of time spent on an activity from any computer with a network / internet connection and a web browser.

Multiple Groups and Projects

Anuko Time Tracker allows you to assign users to groups to more easily use and manage time tracker users and generate relevant reports.

Flexible Reports

Full reports can be viewed online, exported (downloaded) as a spreadsheet or CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, and/or sent by email directly from the Time Tracker interface.

Reports show you a full breakdown of the time spent on any project or activity, showing you exactly how much time each person and/or group has spent on what tasks. Anuko Time Tracker lets you create reports filtering by any combination of date, time period, group, project, activity, person, billable and/or non-billable hours, and idle time. It can also exclude details and just calculate the totals, and save your settings as a favorite to easily generate future reports in the same way without selecting parameters each time.


You can enter each user's, hourly rate, along with billing information taxes, and discounts to generate billing invoices that are fully ready to submit.

Multiple Languages

Anuko Time Tracker has interfaces in 23 languages including English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, and Turkish.

Start Time Tracking Now and Decide Later

Starting with Time Tracker v0.5, an export function is also provided that allows team managers to export team data to another server. This means you can start working with the free service now and later migrate your data to your own server.

Technical Support

Free technical support is available through online documentation and user forums, and personal support can be purchased when necessary.