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Templates in Time Tracker

Templates plugin in Time Tracker, when enabled, provides an additional dropdown selector on time entry pages to select a text template with a predefined text. Upon changing, the Note field is filled with template body.

Enabling Templates Plugin

You can enable the Templates plugin on the Plugins tab for the group. Mark the checkbox and then click Save. After that, you can use the Configure link to the right of checkbox to add new templates.

Enabling Templates plugin
Enabling Templates plugin

Adding a Template

Use the Add button on templates configuration page to add a new template. The screen may look like a screenshot below. Provide the required values and click the Add button.

Adding a new template in Time Tracker
Adding a new template in Time Tracker

Required Input Parts

We use 🛑🛑🛑 designation to identify required input sections. They are 3 emoji "stop signs" (aka "octagonal signs" Unicode U+1F6D1), in a row. If such fragments are used in template, users have to enter some data there before saving a record.
Call to: 🛑🛑🛑
Type of service: 🛑🛑🛑
Customer comments: 🛑🛑🛑
With the example template body above, users need to provide input in 3 sections, such as so:
Call to: Mrs X.
Type of service: Follow up.
Customer comments: All is good, do not call again. Thanks.
Otherwise, Incorrect "Note" data error shows up as on the screenshot below.

Adding a new entry in Time Tracker using a template
Adding a new entry in Time Tracker using a template

Template Options

There are a couple of options available on templates configuration page, which apply to all templates in a group:

Template options
Template options

Bind templates with projects - makes it possible to bind templates to a set of active projects. When set, the Template dropdown on time entry pages is filled only with templates associated with a selected project. This reduces clutter in the Template dropdown and is better explained here.

Prepopulate Note field - when set, prepopulates the Note field with a first found template body from the Template dropdown. This applies only to time.php pages when entering new time records. This helps to accelerate time entry and is further explained here.

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