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Free and Trial Versions of Anuko Products

This page summarizes which products are available for free and in a form of a free trial from Anuko.

Free Applications

Time Tracker

Time Tracker is an open source web application written in PHP that can be used to track work time.
  • Download source code from here.
  • Free hosting of Time Tracker is available for individuals and small teams here.

World Clock

World Clock is not available as a free app. See Free Trial Applications section below.

Free Trial Applications

Time Tracker Appliance for Docker

Time Tracker virtual appliance is a pre-configured, ready-to-run web application coupled with a database. Familiarity with Docker is required to use it. Trial version works for 30 days and is limited to 10 users. You can download Docker trial using wget as so:
$ wget -c https://www.anuko.com/download/time_tracker/tt_trial_docker.zip
You can also copy the link above in your browser address bar for direct download. Please use this method with caution as the file is rather large.

World Clock

World Clock is an application for Windows desktop that shows the times at multiple locations around the world. Download 30-days free trial from here.