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Time Tracker

Anuko Time Tracker is an open source, web-based time tracking application written in PHP. It allows you to track the time that employees, colleagues, or teammates spend working on projects and tasks. It needs a web server such as Apache, IIS, etc. to run on, and a database to keep the data in, such as MariaDB or MySQL.

Use Anuko Time Tracker at https://timetracker.anuko.com
Try Time Tracker here

How to Try Time Tracker

We provide free hosting of Time Tracker to groups up to 5 users. The easiest way to try it is as so:

Use the Register link to create an account in Time Tracker
Register link in Time Tracker

  • After registering, create at least one project on the Projects tab. That's it. Now you are ready to track work time on the Time page and run reports on the Reports page. Here is how the time entry page looks like.
Create a project using the Projects tab to start tracking time
Time entry page in Time Tracker

Installation Requirements

If you need to install Time Tracker on your own you'll need a few things:
  • An access to the system to install it on.
  • A web server that can run PHP code such as Apache, IIS, Tomcat, or others.
  • A database server such as MariaDB or MySQL.
See Installation Guide for more details. If you don't want to bother with installing / configuring Time Tracker, here are other options.
  • Use it at https://timetracker.anuko.com (free for small organizations up to 5 users, a subscription for bigger groups).
  • If you have VMware, you can buy a virtual appliance that is ready to use. Just plug it in.
  • Buy a support incident if you need help with installing, upgrading, migrating, or fixing Time Tracker.

Operating Systems

Time Tracker is a PHP application that runs on a web server and uses a database. Therefore, you can run it on any system where such environment exists - Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, macOS, and others.

Time Tracking Modes

Time Tracker provides three modes for time tracking: time, projects, and projects and tasks. You can select the tracking mode on the Group settings page in Time Tracker.

Use Tracking mode selector on the Group page to control how to track work time
Tracking mode selector in Time Tracker

  • Time - tracking time only without linking to projects or tasks.
  • Projects - time is tracked against projects that your define. Each time record has an associated project field.
  • Projects and Tasks - time is tracked against projects and tasks. Each time entry is connected to a project and a task.
Use projects tracking mode for simple time tracking of how much time each project took. Use a more advanced projects and tasks mode for more sophisticated tracking. This mode can give you a breakdown of how time spent on each project relates to different tasks.

Time Tracker Usage Examples

Consultant - Tracking Work Time for Client

This is a common scenario of time tracking for a consultant or a freelancer who is engaged with a client. In this situation you have a one-person team, one or more clients and projects. As you work for customer, log your hours in Time Tracker. When the work is done, bill the client by generating an invoice. Free hosting of Time Tracker is best suited for this scenario.
  • Use free hosting of Time Tracker.
  • Log work hours and minutes while working for client.
  • Invoice the client when the work is finished.

Small Organization - Tracking Time by Projects

In this scenario you have a small group of people working for you. You need to calculate their work hours for payroll, or to bill another company for services provided. If your group is 5 persons or less you can use free hosting of Time Tracker.
  • Use free hosting of Time Tracker if your group is 5 persons or less, or
  • Install Time Tracker internally.

Bigger Organization with Subgroups - Time Tracking by Projects and Tasks with Custom Fields

In a bigger organization you may have various departments. You want to know more how work time is used in each group. Perhaps not only by project, but by task too. You may also want to define a custom field for time records to characterize them even more. As you have more than 5 employees, free hosting does not apply. You need to install Time Tracker on your own or use a subscription to Time Tracker hosting.
  • Organize users in subgroups.
  • Use project and tasks time tracking mode.
  • Use custom fields if necessary.
  • Use a subscription to hosting or install Time Tracker internally.

SR&ED Time Tracking - Canada

Canadian businesses may claim Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit (SR&ED) for certain activities. For example, when a company invests in scientific research, some of this effort may be eligible for a tax incentive. You can't claim all time as SR&ED, only a portion that qualifies. CRA will also want time logs proving that the records are eligible for SR&ED.

To set up SR&ED time logging:
  • Use internally installed or hosted Time Tracker.
  • Use a custom field in Time Tracker for SR&ED related notes. Check this video for a tutorial on custom fields.

Using Time Tracker with SR&ED custom field
SR&ED time logging with Anuko

Customized Time Tracker

If the features offered in Time Tracker do not fully satisfy your needs, you may want to customize it. Feel free to inquire about the cost of such customization.

We welcome customization requests that are general enough (useful to other users) to be integrated in Time Tracker under the existing open source license. If you have a very specific request you can hire a freelance PHP developer.

Mobile Access to Time Tracker

You can use a mobile device for time tracking. Time Tracker automatically determines if you use a mobile device and redirects you to a mobile page.

The following subset of features is implemented for mobile access:
  • Login.
  • Time tracking.
  • Expense tracking.
  • Viewing what is recorded for a day with simple sequential navigation one day forward and back.
  • Managing users, projects, tasks, and clients.

Mobile time entry page in Time Tracker
Mobile time entry page in Time Tracker

Time Tracker Features Summary

Here is a brief outline of the features available in Time Tracker.
  • Open source PHP application that works over the web.
  • Track work time and expenses for groups of people, who can be organized in subgroups.
  • Track time only, time by projects or time by projects and tasks.
  • Use custom fields in time records.
  • View reports and send them in emails, either manually or on schedule.
  • Use the Charts plugin to see time allocation by project or by task.
  • Clients, Invoices, and Paid status plugins are available to help with invoicing clients and tracking payments.
  • Use the Locking plugin to lock records from modifications on schedule.
  • Week view plugin allows for quick time entry for whole weeks.
  • Use the Monthly quotas plugin to display information about monthly quota allocations and usage.
  • Timesheets plugin allows users to create timesheets and get them approved.
  • Report approval plugin.
  • A flexible role editor.
  • Attachments plugin allows to attach files to various entities such as time records, projects, or timesheets.
  • Users are authenticated against their password hashes in the database. LDAP authentication against an external LDAP server (Windows AD, OpneLDAP, Sun Directory Server) is also possible.
  • Localized into many languages.

We would appreciate any feedback you might have about Time Tracker. You can give us your thoughts by going to support forum. Thank you for your comments.

Need more information? See Time Tracker User Guide.