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Time Tracker Hosting Privacy Policy

This document describes current privacy policy for users of Anuko Time Tracker hosting service. As and if things change, we may revise this document accordingly.

What personal information is collected by Time Tracker?

When you register with the Time Tracker application we ask you to create your login and password. Login identifies you as unique user on our system. You can also provide an email if you wish. This step is optional. Having a valid email registered with us helps you to reset your password in a situation when the password is lost. When you create additional users we ask for a similar set of data for each group member.

When users work with Time Tracker they enter their time records. They may also create reports and invoices. This is what Time Tracker is built and used for - to help your group with time tracking.

How does Time Tracker handle this information?

Logins, passwords, and time records are stored in a database. Passwords are stored in encrypted form. One-way function is used to encrypt, or "hash", passwords. Anuko Time Tracker is an open source application. Look at its source code to see how it is done.

Do you use cookies?

Anuko Time Tracker is using cookies to help you use the service. Cookies are tiny files with bits of information that are downloaded to your computer. They are needed to remember you so that you don't have to login every time to enter new time records. Cookies automatically expire after a while.

Is my information secure with Time Tracker hosting?

We use a secure socket layer to provide Time Tracker hosting service to you. Communication between you and the service is encrypted. We also use procedures to secure and monitor the Time Tracker hosting server. Information is regularly backed up and is placed off-site in encrypted form. Backup is needed to recover your information in case of a catastrophic event of a complete loss of one server.

Nothing stops you from installing your own Time Tracker on your own hardware or in the cloud computing environment. If you do so, you have the ultimate choice as how to protect your information. This privacy policy only applies to the Time Tracker hosting provided by Anuko at https://timetracker.anuko.com

Is my information exposed to 3rd parties?

We do not sell, trade, or expose your information to 3rd parties. We are a private business corporation registered in British Columbia, Canada.

Will you send me emails if I register with you?

We may send you an occasional announcement when things change. You always have a choice to unsubscribe from such communications by following simple instructions in the announcement.