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How to Reset Password in Time Tracker

Forgotten Time Tracker passwords can be reset by users if email was provided for a user account and other conditions are met as described in the When Resetting Password Is Possible section below.

Note: If your Time Tracker uses external LDAP authentication, such as OpenLDAP server or Windows Active Directory, then resetting passwords within Time Tracker is not possible as they are handled externally. In such situation the Forgot password? link as on the image below is not available. Additionally, in case of Windows LDAP authentication, the Type your Windows login and password hint is shown on the login screen. Ask your systems administrator for help if you don't see the Forgot password? link.

To reset password, use the Forgot password? link on Time Tracker login screen. It looks like the picture below. Make sure to point your browser to the correct URL where your Time Tracker runs and account exists. For example, if Time Tracker is hosted by your company, you need to go to the URL provided by your systems administrator. If you use Anuko hosting then you can reset it here. Trying to reset password on a wrong system will result in No user with this login error.

"Forgot password" link on Time Tracker login page
"Forgot password" link on Time Tracker login page

If you click the Forgot password? link you'll see a page like below. To reset password, type in your login name (username) and click the Reset password button.

Resetting password in Time Tracker
Resetting password in Time Tracker

Recovering Forgotten Login / Username

If you don't remember login try typing your email instead. Time Tracker will try to locate your login by email.

Recovering forgotten username / login in Time Tracker
Recovering forgotten username / login in Time Tracker

Note: the Reset password feature works by email. As email addresses are optional in Time Tracker, this feature only works for accounts that have a valid email associated with them. What happens is this:
  • Time Tracker tries to find a user in its database.
  • If no such user is found and if the login looks like an email, Time Tracker tries to locate a user by email. This is a fallback mechanism, and it is less reliable than searching by login, as the system does not enforce unique emails. This search will fail if Time Tracker has either no users or multiple users with a given email. However, you can still try typing in your email in the login field.
When a user with a valid email is found, Time Tracker sends an email that allows to reset password. If the account does not have an email assigned, you'll see a No email associated with this login error.

When Resetting Password Is Possible

The Reset password procedure will work if all of the following conditions are met:
  • You have provided a valid email for your account. Without working email Time Tracker cannot send you anything.
  • Time Tracker uses internal database authentication (not LDAP). In other words, AUTH_MODULE is defined as db in config.php by Time Tracker administrator.
  • The system where Time Tracker is installed is properly configured and is capable to send mail. Time Tracker administrators use MAIL_MODE and MAIL_SMTP_HOST constants in config.php to configure outgoing mail.

Resetting User Password by Managers

Managers and co-managers can reset user passwords on the Users page in Time Tracker by editing their details.

Change passwords on the Users page in Time Tracker
Change passwords on the Users page in Time Tracker

The capability to change user passwords in a group is limited to accounts having the manage_users access right, and works for users with lesser role ranks. For example, if you are a co-manager, you can change passwords for users but not for other co-managers, managers, or a top manager.

Resetting Manager Password by Admin

Time Tracker admin can change password for any organization top manager on the Groups page. To do it:
  • Login to Time Tracker as admin. Note that the default password for admin account is "secret".
  • Go to the Groups page.
  • Click the Edit icon for a corresponding organization and change top manager password on the next screen.

Admin can change organization manager password on the Groups page
Admin can change organization manager password on the Groups page

Changing Admin Password

To change admin password, login to Time Tracker as admin (default password "secret" without quotes). Then, go to the Options page and change admin password there.

Changing Passwords in Time Tracker Database

If you have access to Time Tracker database, nothing stops you from changing user passwords in it. Password hashes (md5) are stored in the password field of tt_users table. The following SQL changes the password for admin account to newpassword.
update tt_users set password = md5('newpassword') where login = 'admin';

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