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Download Time Tracker Source Code

Time Tracker github repository is at https://github.com/anuko/timetracker

You can download free, open source Time Tracker from this page.

Time Tracker LATEST STABLE - this is the most recent stable release. See also change log.

Time Tracker with PDF reports - this file is significantly larger because of the included TCPDF library. Download only if you need an option to export reports as PDF files. The regular version above is much smaller and does everything fine without PDF reports.

Time Tracker archive - older releases of Time Tracker.

Download Time Tracker Appliances

Time Tracker virtual appliances are pre-configured, ready-to-run web applications coupled with a database. They are commercial products that come with production support. Currently, we offer Time Tracker Appliance in Docker format as a composition of two images. Appliances in other formats are coming soon. You need to understand what Docker is in order to use this appliance.

Using Docker Appliance

Download and unzip.

$ wget -c https://www.anuko.com/download/time_tracker/tt_trial_docker.zip
$ unzip tt_trial_docker.zip


# docker load -i tt_trial_docker.tar 
# docker-compose up

How to Install Time Tracker

See Installation Guide for instructions.

How to Contribute

If you wish to contribute to the project, please read this page, which explains the options available to contributors.