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Time Tracker Change Log

The most recent Anuko Time Tracker version is 1.19. You can download it from here. To find out which version you have look at the footer in Time Tracker application.

Version of Time Tracker is displayed in page footer
Version of Time Tracker is displayed in page footer

Changes since Time Tracker 1.19

Note: there are more, and significant changes since, specifically subgroups, introduction of commercial appliances, attachments, templates, timesheets, report approval and other features. This log is not yet up-to-date. See our github repo for latest details and download page for appliance instructions.

This list represents the change log as of Sep 4, 2019 (about 220 commits before current release at the time of this edit on August 19, 2020).

  • - Fixed filling dropdowns on reports.php page load.
  • - Backticked rank in sql queries as it is now a reserved word in MySQL.
  • - Increased chunk size for exports to speed things up.
  • - Added sort options on invoices.php page.
  • - Added label.sort_by to translation files as part of adding sorting to invoices.php (ongoing work).
  • - Fixed export.
  • - Fixed export of large tables by operating on smaller chunks at a time.
  • - Fixed emailed reports by cron by including multiple custom fields.
  • - Fixed emailed reports to include multiple custom fields.
  • - Made progress on including custom field settings in fav reports.
  • - Fixed exporting reports to pdf by adding multiple custom fields to output.
  • - Fixed exporting reports to xml and csv by adding multiple custom fields output.
  • - Fixed left joins for reporting on multiple time custom fields.
  • - Initial release of multiple custom fields for user testing.
  • - Added code to support multiple time custom fields to reports.
  • - Added controls on reports.php for multiple time custom fields.
  • - Fixed left joins in reports for user custom fields.
  • - Starting to work on multiple time custom fields.
  • - Added filtering for user custom fields of type text in reports.
  • - More progress on user custom fields in reports. Dropdown custom field selectors are now working.
  • - Fixed reporting on user custom fields for expense items.
  • - Work in progress adding user custom fields to reports.
  • - Added user custom fields on user_edit.php page.
  • - Improved ttUser::markUserDeleted by marking user custom fields as deleted also.
  • - Added code to insert user custom fields after user creation.
  • - A bit of refactoring in user_add.php.
  • - Added user input validation for custom fields on user_add.php.
  • - Added custom field controls on user_add.php.
  • - Added entity type as read only field on custom field edit page.
  • - Introduced tt_entity_custom_fields table.
  • - Added entity column on cf_custom_fields.php page.
  • - Adjusted export-import to work with entity type in custom fields.
  • - Changed entity_type datatype in database to optimize things.
  • - More work in progress on custom fields extension.
  • - Introduced dropdown.time to translation files.
  • - Introduced label.entity into localization files.
  • - Starting working on extending custom fields.
  • - Added a link explaining record type.
  • - Fixed sorting of projects in dropdown on the reports.php page.
  • - Added a capability to see uncompleted indicators to users with view_users right.
  • - Improved protection from mass bot registrations.
  • - A bit of refactoring.
  • - Moved Subgroups from top menu to group_edit.php.
  • - Rewrote group dropdown fill function to include the entire organizational tree.
  • - Introduced a separate page for advanced group settings.
  • - Added an explanation link for group on the registration page.
  • - Increased margin for top menus.
  • - Dutch translation improved.
  • - Changed Create group menu label to Register.
  • - Fixed nav links visibility between day and week views.
  • - Refactoring. Moved week_menu config option to plugin config.
  • - Improved ttTimeHelper::holidayMatch to allow partial wildcards in year.
  • - Removed show holidays config option.
  • - Fixed week start for subgroups.
  • - Removed holidays from translation files.
  • - Adjusted monthly quotas plugin to use configurable holidays.
  • - Implemented configurable holidays.
  • - Wrote a validation function for holidays.
  • - Introduced a debug option and a localization string for holidays.
  • - Started to work on configurable holidays.
  • - Fixed holidays display for subgroups.
  • - Refactoring, moving plugin config options into group config field.
  • - Changed title on week view to Week from Time.
  • - Introduced a configirable option whether to show Week menu.
  • - Renamed MULTITEAM_MODE to MULTIORG_MODE to better reflect the meaning of the constant.
  • - Fixed approve_all_reports right assignment and check.
  • - Another fix in week view for negative hours.
  • - Another fix for negative hours.
  • - Fixed prePopulateFromPastWeeks for week view plugin.
  • - Cosmetic fixes.
  • - Removed middots in menus to hopefully do better styling with css.
  • - some more progress on work plugin.
  • - Added attachment output on week view.
  • - Merged getRecords and getRecordsWithFiles into one function to keep things compact.
  • - Some refactoring and progress on work plugin.
  • - Fixed monthly quotas for negative hours.
  • - Fixed charts for negative hours.
  • - Removed unneeded subtotal row on reports, fixed printing of 0 subtotals.
  • - Fixed totals for 0 hours to not have minus sign.
  • - Initial work done to support negative durations, some issues remain.
  • - Introduced conditional display of label.users if there are no inactive users.
  • - Some rearrangements in translation files.
  • - Separated users section on reports in 2 for active and inactive users.

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