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Technical Support

We work hard to create reliable, easy to use products and services for you. Free help and support information is available via this website or on the support forum. However, from time to time a situation arises when you might need Premier Support for a fee.

Order a Support Incident
for a quick solution to your problem!

Support Questions

  • How do I install a product such as Time Tracker in my specific environment?
  • I need help with troubleshooting a problem. Something is not working for me.
  • I see World Clock crash on one of my computers. Support materials tell me to install a proper video driver for my hardware. I need professional help with finding and installing the driver.
  • There seem to be a conflict with another program. When Anuko product and this other product are installed together they don't play nicely.
  • How do I migrate a product from one system to another or upgrade it without losing my data or settings?
  • How do I configure a product for my unique situation? For example, I need help to configure World Clock for my exact needs with multiple time zones and complex business open / closed hours.
  • I use Web Management Services and need help to connect Google Analytics or to do content modifications to my website.

For these and similar situations consider ordering a Support Incident. If you need further details or clarifications please contact us.

Benefits of Premier Support

There are many benefits in ordering Premier Support.
  • Get professional help from the developers of your product.
  • Save time and money by getting a solution to your problem quicker.
  • Get advice how to avoid similar problems in future.
  • Your solution will be explained in simple, easy to understand, non-technical language if necessary.
  • If a solution is difficult to apply we will provide step by step instructions.

Premier Support is provided by phone, email, or instant messaging.