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Technical Support

We work hard to create reliable, easy to use products and services. Free help and support information is available via this website or on the support forum. However, from time to time a need arises for paid support.

Buy Anuko Support Incident
Buy a Support Incident for a quick solution to your problem

Common Support Scenarios

  • Installing or upgrading a product such as Time Tracker in your specific environment (for example: shared hosting).
  • Updating your Time Tracker database from an older to current version.
  • Troubleshooting a specific problem. Something is not working and you need it fixed. For example, things changed at your hosting provider, software is no longer operating properly, you are looking for help.
  • Migrating a local Time Tracker install to Anuko cloud hosting.
  • Minor customizations can sometimes be done within a scope of one support incident.
Support is normally provided by email with other options optionally available upon request depending on our workload and availability. Many support situations require access to your installation, which is usually arranged by remote access, control panel credentials, ssh login, database dumps, or xml group export files.

For these and similar situations order a Support Incident. If you have questions before ordering please contact us.