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Time Tracker 1.17 Change Log

This page lists changes in Time Tracker version 1.17.

Changes in Time Tracker 1.17

Released January 22, 2018.
  • - Added paid field and handling to expenses.
  • - Fixed fav reports to include paid status.
  • - Modified database schema to include paid status on fav reports.
  • - Fixed pdf reports to output paid status.
  • - Integrated paid status in emailed reports.
  • - Fixed availability of paid field checkbox on reports.
  • - Removed debug condition for paid status plugin.
  • - Fixed reports to properly handle paid status dropdown.
  • - Added paid value to csv and xml exports.
  • - Added paid column as an optional output on displayed reports.
  • - Added paid checkbox to desktop time edit page.
  • - Fixed a database error when inserting entries - recently introduced bug.
  • - Fixed export-import to accommodate new fields.
  • - Added labels to localization files for paid status plugin.
  • - More consistent use of isGet() and isPost() functions.
  • - Work in progress integrating paid status plugin.
  • - Dropped no longer used address field from the database.
  • - Removed not used team address field handling.
  • - Removed no longer used team address in export and import.
  • - Fixed the conditional include of paid status plugin.
  • - Work in progress on localization files for paid status plugin.