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Time Tracker 1.8 Change Log

This page lists changes in Time Tracker version 1.8.

Changes in Time Tracker 1.8

Released August 9, 2014.
  • - Client role added. Clients have access to reports and invoices for a single or all clients.
  • - Security fixes applied to address cross-side scripting vulnerability.
  • - Added FUTURE_DATES value to config file to define whether future time and expense entries are allowed.
  • - Adjusted the date on invoice_add.php to match browser today.
  • - Move invoice number control to the top of invoice_add.php page.
  • - Added project selector on invoice_add.php page.
  • - Added Persian translation.
  • - Fixed sorting issue on reports when start time is used.
  • - Changed help link to point to an updated user guide.
  • - Fixed invoice presentation for MODE_TIME tracking mode.
  • - Fixed charts.php page to display things properly for MODE_TIME and Clients plugin on.
  • - Fixed a presentation issue with 12-hour time format example on the Profile page (AM/PM was missing).
  • - Fixed a problem with using ldap_set_option properly (after connection to LDAP server is obtained).
  • - Started to use a named PHP session to eliminate sharing session variables with other PHP applications that do not name their session.
  • - LDAP authentication module integrated as an open source component.
  • - Fixed presentation issue on expense_delete.php when Clients plugin is disabled.
  • - Moved comment placement from bottom to top in emailed reports and invoices.
  • - Replaced change log info in readme with a link to this page.
  • - Fixed a problem with JavaScript in projects mode.
  • - Put self in the beginning of user list on time, expenses, and charts pages. Refactoring.