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Notification Condition in Time Tracker

A condition in Time Tracker Notifications plugin is a simple text string that specifies under which circumstances a notification report is sent, when due.

Note that "when due" is determined separately by a cron schedule on a particular notification.

The condition is an additional limitation, which can filter out unnecessary notifications.

For example, you may want to send reminders at the end of the week to users who have not filled their time / work hours completely, but only to those who actually have incomplete data without bothering users who have.

 Notification condition field in Time Tracker
Notification condition field in Time Tracker

Syntax of Condition in Notifications

Currently supported syntaxes for conditions in Time Tracker notifications are:
hours comparison_operator n
count comparison_operator n
where comparison_operator is one of: <, <=, >, >=, =, <>, and n is an integer number.

hours < 40
hours > 40
count = 0
count > 0
count >= 5
An empty condition string means there are no conditions at all and a report is always sent when due.

Example 1: Notifications to Users with Incomplete Time

Problem: How to send an automatic reminder to people not entering their time.

Scenario: users must prepare their weekly timesheets by the end of each week and frequently forget doing so. You may want to send them a friendly reminder when work hours are not fully filled in.

  • Start by creating a favorite report for each user covering this week.
  • Create a notification to be sent out at the end of each week at the time of your choosing.
  • If your work week is 40 hours, use the following condition:
hours < 40
A notification will be sent out if the total time in report is less than 40 hours (incomplete / absent at all).

Example 2: Notifications to Users not Doing Something

Problem: How to send automatic reminders from Time Tracker to users who are supposed to do something, but not really doing or reporting it.

Scenario: users must do some work on a specific project / task regularly regardless of time such as:
  • Clenup something / anything.
  • Optimize things.
  • Organize things.
  • Maintain machinery, equipment.
  • Money management.
  • Business management.
  • Ongoing repairs / fixing up things.
  • Marketing, website fixes, content writing, etc.
In this case hours spent on tasks do not matter. However, at least some effort must be allocated towards a specific goal. We can notify not compliant users by doing the following:
  • Create a favorite report for user covering a required interval (for example: a week).
  • Create a notification to be sent out at the time of your choosing.
  • Use count in notification condition, for example:
count < 5
For example, you have committed to improving at least something daily. We expect at least 5 items in a weekly report. A notification will be sent out if the total count of items is less than 5.

Include Cost in Supported Syntaxes?

It looks relatively straightforward to also include Cost in supported syntaxes for notification conditions. For example, one may want to receive notifications about project budget overruns. Contact us if you are willing to contribute in any capapibility toward extending the format to include cost.

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