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What is Rank in Time Tracker

Each user in Time Tracker is assigned to a role, either predefined or custom.

Roles have a unique attribute called rank, which determines how they are related to each other. Rank is an integer value between 0-512. Predefined roles have the following ranks.
User - 4
Supervisor -12
Client - 16
Co-manager - 68
Manager - 324
Top manager - 512
Administrator - 1024
Rank works like this: when a user has the manage_users capability, he or she can manage users in roles with rank less than self. Having manage_roles allows them to create or customize roles with rank less than self, and so on.

Administrator and top manager role ranks, as well as their access right sets are not editable, but those in other roles are. For example, a manager could create a role between co-manager and manager to allow them manage all users below.

Custom roles are provided for situations when predefined roles above do not suffice. Many custom roles can be created.

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