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How to Contribute

There are several ways to contribute to Anuko Time Tracker project.

Join the Discussion

  • Join the discussion on Time Tracker forum.
  • Subscribe to mailing list.

Improve Translations

Time Tracker is localized into several languages. Due to ongoing development, translations often require improvements.

Translation files are located in the distribution source tree in WEB-INF/resources/ directory. There is one file for each language. The master file is en.lang.php in English.

You can work on the files right in our github repo at https://github.com/anuko/timetracker/ or make your changes locally and contact us via any available communication mechanism.

Some files have TODO comments, which identify areas that definitely need work. For example:

// Error messages.
// TODO: translate the following string.
// 'error.access_denied' => 'Access denied.',
'error.sys' => 'Erreur système.',

Developers - Help with Coding or Bugfixes

Time Tracker code is at github. Feel free to fork and submit your changes for consideration via a pull request.

Improve Documentation

If you are willing to help with documentation, contact us to arrange for access to Time Tracker Wiki.

Help Financially

You can make a one-time donation to the project here. If you feel like doing a regular contribution, set up either a monthly or yearly automatically-recurring donation. You can also buy Time Tracker related products from our store.