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How to Configure LDAP Authentication

Time Tracker provides two methods of user authentication:
  • Internal database. Password hashes are stored in the same database Time Tracker uses for everything else.
  • LDAP server. To determine whether to allow access or not, Time Tracker does an API call to an LDAP server.
The default authentication method is the internal database, or db. It is set in the AUTH_MODULE value in config.php file.
define('AUTH_MODULE', 'db');
To change to LDAP modify it as so:
define('AUTH_MODULE', 'ldap');
In addition to that, define $GLOBALS['AUTH_MODULE_PARAMS'] array in config.php and also create users in both Time Tracker and in LDAP directory.

Configuration depends on which LDAP server you authenticate against. There are 2 major configuration variations: a more generic for OpenLDAP, and a more specific for Windows Active Directory. LDAP authetication can work with Oracle Directory Server and is likely to work with other LDAP servers. If you are configuring it for a non-Windows LDAP server try OpenLDAP configuration first. Full details are available at the following documents.

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