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Subgroups in Time Tracker

Users in Time Tracker can be organized into a hierarchical tree of top group and subgroups. Without subgroups you only have one group of users, which is an organization top group. You can create subgroups in it, and also in each subgroup no matter how deep. Use Subgroups menu option to manage subgroups. This option is available to logged-in users with the "manage_subgroups" access right.

Subgroups menu option in Time Tracker
Subgroups menu option in Time Tracker

Here is how Subgroups view looks like. The Group dropdown on top of the page allows to select a parent group, for which a subgroup list is displayed below, together with an Add button to add new ones.

Subgroups view in Time Tracker
Subgroups view in Time Tracker

Navigating between Subgroups

Use the Group dropdown to navigate between subgroups in an organization. While it does not provide a complete list of available groups, it will list all immediate subgroups, the currently selected group, and all parent groups all the way to the top group.

When group changes, the page header with user details changes also to reflect that you are currently operating on behalf of a different group, similar to the on behalf mechanism for users in the same group.

User details change to reflect current on behalf group in Time Tracker
User details change to reflect current on behalf group in Time Tracker

Other pages in such mode now display views for the on behalf group. Projects lists their projects, Users lists their users, and Reports run for users in this group. To revert back to home group use the Group dropdown again and change the group.

Subgroup Settings

Each subgroup has its own set of settings: its own roles, its own set of plugins with their configuration, its own language, users, projects, tasks, and everything else.
  • To change subgroup settings use the Group tab in Time Tracker.
  • To change subgroup plugins use the Plugins tab.
When you are creating a subgroup, all parent group settings are copied over to new subgroup but can be changed if necessary.

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