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Selling or buying products on the Internet is called ecommerce, e-Commerce, or electronic commerce. It's a term that describes a technology of selling products and services online via websites. Ecommerce allows consumers to purchase goods and services electronically, from their computers, with no barriers of time or distance.

Sell online with electronic commerce
Sell online with electronic commerce

If you plan to sell something directly from your website then you need to enable ecommerce on it. Basically, it means that you present your products on your website and also have Buy Now, Buy, Book Now or similar buttons (or links) that allow users to purchase your products.

Visitors interact with your website. They read product descriptions, look at photos, specifications, prices and so on. If they like any particular product they click on Buy button, that initiates a checkout process. Usually, the checkout process is fully automatic. After receiving a notification about user payment you may need to do some manual steps such as shipping a product to customer.

Benefits of Ecommerce with Anuko

There are many flavors of ecommerce. Most of them require vendors to invest significantly into a particular system. For example, you may be required to open and pay for a merchant account for credit card processing. This is just one but significant obstacle for entry level electronic vendors. There may be other obstacles, too, which may require investments of money, time, or sometimes programming effort to connect all pieces together.

Anuko is very well positioned in the entry level segment of the electronic commerce market. If you are just starting selling online or even just thinking about ecommerce we are here for you.

We make ecommerce easy! We do not require you to open and pay for a merchant account. We provide you with a complete, turn-key, easy to use ecommerce system. In other words:
  • You can start selling online quickly and easily.
  • No significant investment is required. All you need to have is a website and a web hosting plan with us.
  • No need to pay for a merchant account.
  • We help you to set up and test your store.

How Anuko Ecommerce Works

We created a system that allows you to easily manage content of your websites. Ecommerce is a native part of this system. No technical knowledge is required to operate this content management system. If you want to sell online you simply define your products, upload product photos, set up your prices, and start selling! Assistance is provided all the way if you need it.

How Much Does It Cost?

After your website is created, you pay only for a web hosting plan with us. You do not need to pay monthly fee for a merchant account. For each online purchase from your store there will also be a small commission charge. It is applied automatically by your credit card processor. The per-item charge depends on volume of your transactions. For entry level vendors it is about 3% of the product price. In summary:
  • You pay us only for a web hosting plan.
  • No need to open and pay a monthly fee for a merchant account.
  • A small per-item charge for each purchase from your store, applied automatically by your credit card processor (the company that processes credit cards for purchases from your store).

How do I Start Selling Online?

Steps are really easy. You need to subscribe to a web hosting plan with us first. Then create a website. We help most of our customers either directly or via resellers with this task for a small charge. That's it!


To create an online store you need to organize the checkout and payment process. Usually, to do this you need to create a shopping cart using special software and register a merchant account. All this is rather complicated and expensive.

Anuko offers a simple, quick and affordable ecommerce solution: no merchant account, no special technical knowledge, no much time or effort is required to begin selling online with us! All you need to do is to subscribe to our web hosting plan with integrated ecommerce, create your website and start selling immediately!