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Anuko World Clock Incompatibilities with Video Drivers

Anuko World Clock uses OpenGL graphics to display interactive world map. This works smoothly for most users. However, occasionally you may see a crash or a similar issue when interacting with the world map in the product.

Some video drivers are not capable to display OpenGL graphics. Incorrect drivers (designed for other hardware) will crash. Notice that the crash or hang occurs in the driver software. Anuko World Clock just tries to draw an image of the map for you by invoking the drawing functions, which are supposed to work smoothly when driver is working properly. If you see such problem please check the following:
  • The most important step is to make sure you have installed the latest manufacturer’s driver for your video adapter. Check Desktop Properties - Settings - Advanced - Adapter - Properties - Driver to see the currently installed driver. Video drivers are often problematic, and installing the latest driver from your hardware manufacturer may help. We have seen many problems resolved instantly after simply installing the new driver. Note: you will need the latest driver made by your video card manufacturer, rather than a default Windows driver provided by Microsoft. The driver made by the hardware manufacturer will fully utilize the capabilities of the video card.
  • Is your video mode set to 32-bit (TRUECOLOR)? Right-click on your desktop and select Properties - Settings - Color quality, and make sure it is set to 32-bit.
  • Is your hardware acceleration set to full? Right-click on your desktop and select Properties - Settings - Advanced - Troubleshoot - Hardware Acceleration and make sure it is set to Full.
After installing the new driver for your video card and a rebooting your computer, please make sure to REINSTALL Anuko World Clock to see if the world map starts working. Please contact you hardware manufacturer for assistance and directions on where to download the latest video drivers.

If the above does not help you may have a video card that does not support OpenGL at all.

What to Do If My Driver Does Not Support OpenGL?

It is possible to delete the interactive world map.

Remove the file called mapgl.dll from the Anuko World Clock installation directory (C:\Program Files\Anuko\World Clock\ by default). This will cause the software to function without the map. You will still be able to select different cities for your clocks using the city database. Note that when you delete the map any software update will recover it. Consider either disabling checking for updates in Anuko World Clock in such case or re-deleting the map file after each update.

What to Do If My Driver Supports OpenGL but Crashes?

The first thing to do is to report the problem to your video card manufacturer. Copy this report to us as well. We will do everything in our capacity to help you. However, the proper authority to solve a driver problem is your hardware manufacturer or reseller. Some resellers are not aware that they sell improperly configured systems. Even new PCs may be sometimes sold with incorrect drivers. If this affects you the right way of solving the problem is to COMMUNICATE the problem to the place where you got your PC and ask for help there.