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Installing World Clock

You can download a trial version of Anuko World Clock from here. For full version use a download link received after purchase. Save this file for future emergencies when you have to reinstall. Download and run the installer. Then, follow the instructions of the installation program.

World Clock after install with two clocks in taskbar and one on desktop
World Clock after install with two clocks in taskbar and one on desktop

Registering World Clock

To activate or register World Clock simply buy the full version and install it. There is no activation or registration key. Installing the full version over trial (whether running or not) keeps already existing clock settings.

Installing World Clock on a Second Computer

Use the same installer to install World Clock on a second PC. Each single license allows you to install and use World Clock on 2 computers if you are the same primary user on both. Enterprise license owners (department, site, and worldwide) - use the same installer for all systems.

How to Find the Full Version

Here are the options to locate World Clock full version installer.
  • Use your World Clock installation CD if you purchased it.
  • Use your Extended Download Service link. If you have not purchased it, you can buy it here.
  • At the time of purchase, you were given a download link to the full version installer. If you made a backup copy of it for emergencies, use it.
  • If you have World Clock running on one computer, it may have downloaded the latest installer automatically. See this FAQ on how to locate and use it.

Uninstalling World Clock

If you need to uninstall, do it from the Windows Control Panel.

World Clock User Guide