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Right-Click Menu

World Clock comes with a context-sensitive right-click menu that gives you access to many commands. To view this menu click the right mouse button when the cursor is positioned over a clock.

Right-click menu provides configuration options for World Clock
Right-click menu provides configuration options for World Clock

Here are the options on this menu:
  • Options - opens various pages in World Clock Preferences as explained below.
    • Clock or timer settings - allows to change the location (time zone) and the label for selected clock. Also allows to configure other clock settings such as an action on double-click and whether to display the clock or timer in taskbar or on desktop.
    • Appearance - brings up a page allowing you to change the appearance (skin) for your clock. All taskbar clocks use one skin. Desktop clock skins are configured individually for each clock. This option is context-sensitive. It will show a different page depending on which clock you clicked.
    • Time and date display options - allows to select various time and date display formats for selected clock. If your clock is mechanical you can define whether to show the seconds hand and AM/PM indicator on it or not.
    • Alarms - brings up a page to configure alarms and reminders. They are configured individually for each clock. If alarms already exist for a given clock, this option has a sub-menu with all alarms listed there, where you can edit each alarm.
    • Highlights - allows to change clock color. By default clocks have light green color during office hours (Monday through Friday 9 am - 6 pm) and light blue at other times but you can change this.
    • Time synchronization - provides options to configure time synchronization for your computer.
    • General - brings up a page with common settings for World Clock. You can change the language of the user interface here, enable or disable auto-start on Windows logon, and configure automatic update options.
  • Adjust system Date/Time - takes you to the Windows applet where you can adjust the system date and time. Note that this applet is from the system clock. It is not a part of Anuko World Clock.
  • Add clock - adds a new clock.
  • Add timer - adds a new countdown timer.
  • Add stopwatch - adds a stopwatch that can count time passed since a specific moment.
  • Place on desktop / Place in taskbar - puts a taskbar clock on desktop or a desktop clock in taskbar, depending on where you click.
  • Set alarm - sets a new alarm.
  • View city photos - takes you to a website where you can view city photos for selected clock location. For example, when invoked from a London clock you will see London photos.
  • World map - shows an interactive globe which you can rotate, zoom, and see current local time in any location in the city database.
  • Calendar - shows Calendar.
  • Time converter - shows Time Converter.
  • Time table - shows Time Table.
  • Show notifications - displays World Clock Notifications window.
  • Read news - allows you to read news from RSS news feeds of your choice.
  • Buy now (trial version only) - allows you to buy World Clock.
  • Check for updates - checks whether an update is available for the program.
  • Online help - opens World Clock User Guide in browser.
  • About World Clock - provides information about the product.
  • Exit - exits the program.

World Clock User Guide