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Content Management System

Anuko CMS, or Content Management System is a special software that allows you to create web pages and manage websites.

With it, you can easily add, delete, or modify web pages on your site. You can do it yourself, without hiring a web designer. Anuko has developed this system so that anyone could manage a website. Even users who do not know about HTML or computers. This system is easy to learn and use. Perhaps you do not know much about computer software or information technology, you still can have a stylish, professional looking website, easily manage it, and even make money!

To use Anuko CMS you do not have to have any special skills or knowledge. You do not need to learn programming, web design, or any other complicated stuff. All you need to know is how to use a browser, how to edit texts and work with images. But even if you don't know we will teach you!

You do not need to install anything. Anuko CMS is already deployed on our web hosting server - the place where your website lives. You can manage your website using your favorite web browser. In other words, a tool to manage websites is a browser, the same familiar tool you use to surf the Internet, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or others.

What Can You Do with Anuko CMS?

  • Add or delete texts, documents, photos, or pictures. For example, you can do this with your product samples or price lists.
  • Create new web pages. For example, it's easy to add a page with customer testimonials or a feedback form.
  • Have photo-galleries with text annotations near your images. For example, you can create a gallery of the products you sell.
  • Have an online store. Electronic commerce is integrated in Anuko CMS. It's very easy to sell from your website.
  • Change the design of your website. You can select one of the many available designs. You can also order a new design. We will create a new design specifically for you and make it available to all users.
  • Write a blog by creating multiple pages for different dates.
  • Have an event calendar.
  • Have a news column. News from your website are aggregated automatically into a newsfeed to notify customers who are interested in receiving the news from you via RSS.

Benefits of Using Anuko CMS

Creating a website can be expensive. Anuko CMS allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses. You can have a beautiful website at an affordable price.

Creating a website can be time-consuming as well. With Anuko CMS and some help of our specialists you can create professional websites quickly and easily!

Anuko CMS provides you with the following benefits:
  • Simplicity. It greatly simplifies the task of managing your website. The system is easy to learn and use.
  • No need to know HTML or CSS. With Anuko CMS you don't need to know HTML or CSS. Anuko CMS makes the task of creating and maintaining your website content easy. If you know how to type and use a web browser you will be able to create an attractive website right away – no other skills are required.
  • No need to design your site. Anuko CMS offers many design templates for websites. Select design and color schema you like best! Changing your web site design is quick and easy. If none of the current design templates suit you, feel free to suggest a new design and we will be happy to integrate it into the system.
  • Productivity improvement. Anuko CMS is easy to use and learn. It offers useful and convenient features, and provides a user-friendly, efficient, and powerful content management system that save you time and boost productivity.

How to Start Using Anuko CMS?

With Anuko it's very easy to start a website:
  1. Subscribe to a web hosting plan.
  2. Have a website created for a small one-time charge. Contact us for a free quote!
When your website is created you will start using Anuko CMS to manage it.

Summary about Anuko CMS

Anuko CMS is a powerful website content management system, which is offered as a web hosting plan and content management system to customers. No technical knowledge is required to create and maintain web sites with Anuko CMS. It allows you to create content using a very easy to understand format, so you don’t need to be an expert to get your website up and running as quickly as possible. Once you have the content you want on the website, your website could be ready for visitors in as little as a day.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

It is a software program that runs on our web hosting servers (so you don’t have to install anything on your computer, and can access it with any web browser) and helps you to easily create and manage websites. More than just a basic HTML editor or website creator, a content management system helps you to build a more dynamic and complex website with much less effort and expertise, and without needing extensive knowledge of website creation.

What’s the Advantage of a CMS?

The content management system makes the task of managing websites easy. Instead of creating a new design for your site use any of built-in and already available design templates! Change it easily. That means that if you want to change the way your website looks, you only make the change once with a couple clicks. Making sweeping changes has never been easier! It also gives your website features such as a photo gallery, search and news (RSS) feeds for your visitors to more easily get the information they want. See Anuko CMS Features page for more details.