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Anuko CMS Tips and Tricks

With the help of experienced users we have compiled this web page with tips and tricks for Anuko CMS. These tips and tricks may help you while you learn how to use and work with Anuko CMS.

Note 1: We are looking for improvements to this page. If you have a tip or trick to share please let us know!

Note 2: Tips and tricks specific to how to create a great site are compiled into this separate page about creating a great site.

Use Search on Anuko Site to Find Information

If you can't find an answer to your question use the Search function on the upper right corner of this site to find information. If the information you require is not available online please contact us using the Contact Anuko form.

General Tips and Tricks about Anuko CMS

  • Read the manual, the online Anuko CMS User Guide!
  • Learn about Anuko CMS Formatting Tags.
  • If you find a bug (something is not working properly) in Anuko CMS make sure to report a bug to us. We take bug reports seriously, and will do all we can to fix it.
  • If you come up with an idea to improve Anuko CMS, please let us know! We try to review and consider all improvement suggestions that come from users.

Several Different Feedback Forms - Easy!

In some situations you might need more than one feedback form. Any form in Anuko CMS internally consists of 2 files, an .htm file and a .script file, for example:


To create a different form create a couple of new corresponding files, for example:


Creating an .htm file is easy. Use the "Add new page" icon in your site map and copy the content from another form. Then replace the action value in the form definition line to reflect your new file name. For example:

<form method="POST" name="feedback" action="feedback.htm">
change to:
<form method="POST" name="feedback" action="contact_us.htm">

Creating a .script file requires a bit more effort. First, look at any existing form script by starting to edit the form and then, in the address bar of your browser, replacing the URL extension from .htm to .script.

Copy the content from this script to another page, such as contact_us.script. Change the subject and text fields accordingly. Make sure to test this new form by actually using it.

Use HTML Inserts where Necessary

Anuko CMS provides a quick and easy system for basic editing and positioning of your content, but in some situations you might want to do something that is beyond the capabilities of the Anuko CMS Formatting Tags. In such situations use raw HTML inserts. For example,
<img src="/img/time_tracker.png">

Such HTML inserts work not only in pages but in navigational menus, too.

Use Logos with Transparent Edge

If you'd like a portion of a site background to show up through your logo you can make the edge of your logo image transparent. This will make your logo consistent with other design templates available in Anuko CMS.

Use Custom Previews in Photo Galleries

Anuko CMS automatically resizes photo-gallery images to prepare previews out of big images that you supply. But it is also possible to replace auto-generated previews with custom made images. Here is how:

Right-click on any preview in your gallery and select Properties. Take a look at the location of the image. It is located at the same place where your regular gallery images reside but has a funny name. For example, for an image website_01.jpg a preview may have a name like .tn100x100-website_01.jpg. Now, if you prepare a custom made image with the same dimensions and name and simply upload it to your photo gallery you will have a custom made preview for website-01.jpg. Images with a dot in the beginning of their names are not displayed in the list of files in gallery catalogs.