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If you need a website, we offer a simple, reasonable, and effective solution for having one. We specialize in websites for small businesses and individuals. Most our customers require 3 basic things:

  • Professional looks.
  • A simple way to manage pages.
  • A capability to sell things (shopping cart).
This is exactly what our website content management system delivers without hassle.

Use Anuko CMS and hosting to keep your website online
A simple solution to launch and maintain a website

In other words: you don't want to be bothered with domain names, hosting, website control panel, mailbox setup, etc. You don't have the time to learn technical details or HTML, you want a quick web presence with a checkout.

How to Launch a Website

Here is how our solution works:
  • Contact us for a quote. A small fee covers building your website as per your specification.
  • Subscribe to hosting. This is a monthly charge for keeping the website online.
Our hosting plans come with an integrated content management system (CMS), which is easy to use. It allows you to modify content quickly when need arises. CMS is non-technical. Editing website content is as simple as editing text.

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