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World Clock Frequently Asked Questions

Install / Reinstall / Uninstall

How to reinstall World Clock
How to install World Clock silently
How to deploy a pre-configured World Clock in an enterprise
How to uninstall World Clock


How to update World Clock
Where are World Clock updates located

Configuring Clock Time Zones

How to open Preferences
How to configure clocks
How to configure a clock for a particular timezone
How to create a GMT clock
How to configure clocks using a template
How to pre-configure clocks for many users
How to create a UTC-12 clock

Time and Date

How to show date on clocks
How to display the time in 24-hour format
How to show the seconds hand on an analog desktop clock
How to display work week number
How to display date on a separate line


How to display calendar on double-click


How to show multiple clocks in tooltip when mouse cursor hovers over
How to change the order of clocks in taskbar
How to change skin
How to change skin font
How to resize desktop clocks
How to pin desktop clocks together
How to change colour of a displayed clock
How to change clock colour automatically during office hours


How to set an alarm on a hidden clock
How to enable wake timers so that alarms work in sleep or hibernation modes

Time Synchronization

Troubleshooting time synchronization

Licensing and Pricing

Perpetual license
Getting updates and maintenance
Information for resellers
Academic discount

Operating Systems

Does World Clock work on Windows 8?
On which operating systems does the World Clock work?
Does World Clock run on Mac OS?

Export and Import of Settings

How to transfer World Clock settings from one PC to another
How to export World Clock configuration to a file
Location of World Clock preferences files

Disabling Features

How to disable automatic updates
How to disable news reader
How to disable city photos
How to disable time table
How to disable changing clock settings
How to enable logging

World Map Problems

I can't see the world map or change time zones. What's wrong?

City Photos

How to configure city photos

Clocks not Visible on Taskbar or Desktop

How to enable taskbar clock in Windows
My clocks are not visible on desktop but I can see the World Clock icon in taskbar. How do I get my desktop clocks back?

Tips and Tricks

World Clock tips and tricks